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Tech News Today
Episode 283

Tech News Today 283: 4G Is Meaningless

Amazon's Android tablet, 4G is meaningless but fast wireless rolls on, how to ditch Netflix, and more.

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  • Amazon to Release Android Tablet This Fall
    • The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is readying a 9-inch Andorid based tablet before October citing the often cited "people familiar with the matter."
    • Outsourced the manufacturing of the tablet.
    • Tablet will not have a camera, but will work with Amazon's video, music, and ebooks.
    • Amazon will also refresh the Kindle reader with two new versions in the third quarter of this year.
    • One Kindle is a touchscreen device.
    • The other Kindle, no touchscreen, but cheaper version current kindle
  • Can RIM turn things around with 7 new BlackBerry smartphones?
  • No Angry Mob at RIM Shareholders Meeting
  • RIM Promises Seven New BlackBerries This Year
    • From the TC piece: Jim Balsillie closed the session by saying “If there’s anything I can do to make you sleep better at night, I’ll do it.”
    • At the Canadian company's annual shareholder meeting this week, co-CEO James Balsillie told investors that RIM plans to launch 7 new phones, with BlackBerry OS 7
    • Including including the Bold 9900, the 9860 and May RIM showed off the Bold 9900/9930
    • Quiet shareholders meeting. Entire board re-elected.
    • Dual leadership left unquestioned
    • “RIM’s foundations are very strong,” Balsillie said. “We’re on the verge of one of the biggest global product launches in our history … We’re not perfect, but we give our very best every day. We literally don’t take a day off.”
    • 4G Playbook in the Fall

Discussion Stories

  • Reed Hastings Doesn’t Want You To Pay More For Netflix. He Wants You To Stop Using DVDs.
  • Up to 41 percent of Netflix users plan to cancel
  • Editorial: Netflix was too cheap before, but now it's just wrong
  • Why I'm keeping Netflix, even after the dumb price hike
  • Angry Netflix subscribers--so, who has a better deal?
  • Netflix, NBCUniversal Extend Programming Deal But No More Next-Day ‘SNL
  • Netflix Facebook page
  • Twitter hashtag #Netflix
    • VOICEMAIL comment on Netflix by Todd Murray
    • Evidence of backlash - informal surveys
    • Evidence of backlash - Facebook comments - CNET reports 96 percent of them were negative, 3 percent were neutral, and 1 percent defended Netflix.
    • Evidence of Backlash - Twitter posts (HBO Go is a promoted Tweet on this search right now btw)
    • Overseas users think we're crazy for complaining.
    • What's the alternative? Is there a better one?
    • Netflix is already used to fairly high churn rates of about 4 percent, which means that about a million of its 24 million existing subscribers are going to go, anyway. **Red Box $1.19 per rental
    • Amazon - Amazon Prime is $79 a year which includes free streaming. $2.99-$3.99 for rentals
    • Hulu (free) Hulu Plus $7.99 a month $95.88 a year
    • YouTube $2.99 - $3.99 for rentals (Apple iTunes similar but slightly more expensive up to $4.99)
    • $15.98 a month for Netflix is $191.76 a year: $7.99 a month is $95.88 a year --- also take into account where you can access the service. Hulu Plus not available on as many platforms. YouTube and Apple even fewer.
    • Blockbuster on Demand is separate from Blockbuster by mail. On demand as low as $1.99, on per transaction basis. By mail: 1 disc at a time (includes games), $11.99/month
    • Listener feedback summary:
      • A few were ticked: "What I love is the way Netflix assumes we're all idiots and will believe that they're actually doing us a favor by raising our rates." - Dwayne
    • Some were more understanding:
      • "If they want to get into more streaming, why not keep the B-Rated movies subscription plan and add streaming of New Releases/A-Rated movies with a small fee of say $2.99" - Scottix
      • "Netflix may appear to be stuck, but this is a necessary transition from where they were 5 years ago to where they want to be 5 years from now" - Nick the economist
      • "While I can understand why people would be upset, I think for the majority of people it won't be a big deal. Also to consider, this is a benefit to people who don't get broadband internet at home, now they aren't forced to pay for a service they cannot use." - Rich in Cleveland
      • Use the library for DVDs - Justin
  • Confusion and Skepticism May Impede 4G Adoption
  • brings 42Mbps HSPA+ to 56 new markets, now tops 150 locales
  • Verizon Wireless's 4G LTE network to reach 100 markets
  • Sprint to confirm LightSquared network deal
    • In a recent Retrevo Gadgetology study only a little less than a quarter of the respondents say they’re going for 4G. -- The sample size was over 1,000 distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States.
    • 34% of iPhone oweners say they have a 4G phone, 24% of BB owners, and 29% of Android owners -- Android owners are the only ones who possibly DO own a so-called 4G phone
    • 30% think 4G data plans cost too much
    • T-Mobile turned on 42Mbps HSPA+ in 50 more cities today. Category 20 Rocket 3.0 USB modem is the only device that works with it. (test show it getting around 25-28 mbps in real life)
    • Verizon: Tulsa Oklahoma is expected to become the official 100th Verizon LTE market on July 21st.
    • Sprint Nextel will confirm its network-sharing agreement with LightSquared in conjunction with its earnings announcement on July 28, according to people familiar with the situation.
    • WiMax roll out has stalled at 70 markets. Sprint wants to move beyond partnership with Clear
    • Sprint's ability to handle multiple wireless technologies allows it to offer up its infrastructure to the likes of LightSquared. Clear can also handle LTE
    • The plan could allow Sprint to strike similar network-sharing deals with other potential partners
    • ATT: yesterday we mentioned ATT hopes to be in 5 LTE markets by end of summer."

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