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Tech News Today
Episode 284

Tech News Today 284: Bandwidth Is Not A Bucket

Microsoft to ditch Windows? Does Spotify suck? The Internet makes it hard to remember.... something, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Google announces Q2 earnings: $9.02 billion in revenue, $2.51 billion in net income
  • Liveblog: Google Beats Q2 Expectations
  • GOOGLE: 550,000 Android Activations Per Day
  • Larry Page puts his earnings call notes up on Google Plus
    • Google + 10m members, over 1b items shared per day and +1 button served 2.3 times around the web per day.
    • YouTube: Over 3 billion daily views. Royal Wedding live broadcast had 100 million YouTube views.
    • 550,000 Android Activations Per day says Larry Page [Google I/O said 400k activations per day in May]
    • Google shares up 12.5% in after hours trading
    • Page: “Eric is a great partner and leader for Google and for me and continues to play a big part in the company. Search and ads are core driver. Then YouTube, Android and Chrome are big consumer successes. Then Google+, Commerce and Local are exciting and early stage. We don’t do things that we don’t think will generate really big success over time.”
    • Page continues, in a more specific Facebook offensive: “Google believes in users owning their own data and we think some of our competitors don’t believe that, but we think users will move to services that are in their best interest."
  • Microsoft says it will have a ‘single ecosystem’ for PCs, tablets, phones, and TVs… and is ‘Windows’ dead?
  • Microsoft: Tablet Is PC, It Needs PC Operating System.
    • Microsoft is planning to somehow harmonize not only Windows for PCs and Windows Phone, but also the Xbox operating system sometime within the next four years — a timeframe that perfectly lines up with both the end of the Xbox 360′s 10-year lifecycle and the end of Windows 8′s expected three-year run.
    • Microsoft is seriously considering ditching the “Windows” brand name in favor of something new when all this goes down.
    • Tuesday at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Windows Phone Senior Vice President Andy Lees said that Redmond would eventually have just a “single ecosystem” for PCs, phones, tablets, and even the TV. “You can have full PC compute power available in whatever form factor you like,” said Lees, noting that the Windows on ARM demo motherboards were smaller than mobile phones. “We won’t have an ecosystem for PCs, and one for phones, and one for tablets — they’ll all come together.” Lees went on to say that Microsoft wants to provide “coherence and consistency” across different devices, “particularly with Xbox,” and that the goal isn’t just to share UI, but also core technologies like Internet Explorer.

Discussion Stories

  • Study finds no link between brain tumors, cell phones
  • Cellphones are dangerous / not dangerous: Danish chatterbox edition
    • study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology that found people who used a cell phone for 11 to 15 years were no more likely to develop an acoustic neuroma, a noncancerous brain tumor, than people who have been using cell phones for either a shorter period of time or who have never used a cell phone.
    • Study looked at 2.8M Danish adults
    • Even though noncancerous, it is important to the study because such tumors typically grow in the area of the brain where more energy is emitted from the cell phone and absorbed by humans
    • Of the people who had tumors, there was no indication that cell phone use increased the size of the tumors, he said. Also, it did not appear that people developed their tumors on their right side of their head, where most people hold their cell phone.
    • Schuz warned. These tumors are very slow growing and can take decades to manifest. Most people involved in the study had only been using cell phones since the 1990s.
  • Bandwidth Pricing Is Fair and Rewards Investment:AT&T fires back
  • Wayne Watts Senior EVP and General Counsel AT&T: "As data traffic on wired networks grows, requiring more investment in more bandwidth, it's only fair that those who use the most pay for what they use. Only 2% of AT&T broadband customers use 20% of the bandwidth on our network today. Usage-based pricing ensures that the vast majority of customers are not forced to subsidize the enormous data consumption of a very small minority of broadband users." Apparently Mr. Watts would like us to believe that blinking routers cost more than unblinking routers.
  • Study: why bother to remember when you can just use Google?
  • Search Engines Change How Memory Works
    • Betsy Sparrow, Jenny Liu, Daniel M. Wegner published a paper being published in Science have found people are recalling information less, and instead can remember where to find the information they have forgotten. People expect computerized information to be continuously available, and actually remember less when they know they’ll have access to it later. We also seem to remember where we can find information instead of the information itself.
    • Transactive memory -- when you need some information you don’t have, you just go to the person who does.
    • Experiment 1: People took longer to respond to words involving computers
    • Experiment 2: People recalled less trivia when they thought the answer was saved to a computer
    • Experiment 3: People remembered erased information, but rememebred even better whether info was saved or erased
    • Experiment 4: Overall, people remembered the locations where the information was saved more than the information itself. If they remembered the trivia, however, its location was forgotten.

News Fuse




"I installed Carbonite on my iMac and my wife's macbook. Recently, I upgraded the hard drive on my iMac from 500 GB to 1 TB. My problem arose when I tried to restore my Carbonite backup.

I noticed the download was going slow, but I expected that to a degree. A day later it appeared that the downloading had completely stopped.

I called Comcast to explain my situation and ask if my connection was being throttled. I was told I was near my cap for the month and if I went over this month, or tried to download too much data the following month my service would also be suspended.

Comcast suggested I slowly download my data over the next few months.

I love the idea of Carbonite, and would like to continue using the service, but now I just don't know what to do.

Anyway, you guys are great, love the show.

Rob Adams in Delanco, NJ:"



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