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Tech News Today
Episode 289

Tech News Today 289: Google Shuts Down Sesame Street

Skype wants to put ads in your calls, does congress want to kill WiFi? Google shuts down Sesame Street, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Skype CEO Teases In-Call Ads
    • Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Tony Bates discussed ways he might monetize Skype after the Microsoft acquisition.
    • “Obviously, there’s a very rich long-term advertising play. The one I want to tease right now is in-call advertising. The average length of a video call is going up — it’s about 27 minutes now — and you’re doing a lot of things in that time. If we’re talking, you’re not just looking at me, so we have a lot of opportunities there.”
    • Bates became Skype CEO in October
  • Google Removes Mashable, Sesame Street & Other Prominent Accounts From Google Plus
    • Almost all non-personal profiles seem to have been removed from Google +
    • Mashable was, according to, the No. 4 most popular account on Google+ with more than 103,000 followers. Ford, Breaking News and Sesame Street were also removed
    • Google had been removing non-personal profiles for over a week, but some high profile brands were ignored.
    • Google invited businesses to apply to be part of a test program and accepted applications through last Friday.
    • Google will be “selecting a diverse set of business partners for the test period” and notifying them this week.
    • Mashable & Ford accounts are back, Seasame Street still a 404
    • Mashable's Cashmore posted he's been talking to Google today, he'll use the Mashable account personally

Discussion Stories

  • Congress wants to kill WiFi-like spectrum, sell it off to highest bidder instead
    • Public Knowledge posted a call to action today alerting people to draft legislation forbidding the FCC from allocating any more 'unlicensed' spectrum for WiFi and other uses unless they give wireless companies the opportunity to buy exclusive licenses first.
    • PK asks citizens to call their member of Congress on Friday, July 22

News Fuse





"Hey TNTeam,

With regard to Apple's upcoming release of Lion on a USB drive: It's easy to see this as a $40 penalty for not using the Mac App Store, but that would only be true for Snow Leopard users. For those running Leopard or Tiger, this is a better deal, and arguably the most cost effective way to upgrade. Leopard users would to need to pay around $60 anyway to first upgrade to Snow Leopard via CD, and then to Lion via the App Store. From that perspective, a $10 to $12 markup doesn't sound so bad.

Love the show.

-Dan (Chimaera in chat)"

"Subject: Amazon streams NOW on android!

I stream movies from amazon on my unrooted droid x already. It's very easy. Just go to the full amazon website and run the movie stream there and watch it on your phone.

Piece o' cake!"



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