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Tech News Today
Episode 290

Tech News Today 290: Social Cockroaches

Apple buying Hulu, Google getting games, we find out what lurks in the heart of the MacBook Air, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Verizon Posts Solid Earnings, Buoyed by 2.3 Million iPhone 4 Sales
  • Verizon has best quarter since 2008, thanks largely to iPhones and LTE
    • Verizon announced its quarterly numbers today, beat expectations - according to Chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg it was "one of Verizon's best quarters since the 2008 economic downturn"
    • Revenue of $27.5 Billion, earnings per share of 57 cents
    • Verizon also shuffled some execs: COO Lowell McAdam will become CEO starting August 1st. Current CEO Ivan Seidenberg will remain Chairman
    • McAdam was head of Verizon Wireless until last Sept.
    • Vz activated 2.3 million iPhone 4 in the quarter (compare with AT&T's 3.6M iPhones, but that also includes the 3GS).
    • Vz activated 1.2M LTE devices
    • churn level was 0.89%, lowest in 3 years.
    • added 2.2M wireless lines,
    • added 189k net new FiOS Internet, 184k net new FiOS TV connections (totals are 4.5M FiOS internet, 3.8M FiOS TV)
  • Apple Said to Consider Making Bid for Hulu
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath on That Apple Hulu Deal
    • Bloomberg reports that Apple is in "early talks that may lead to an offer for Hulu" according to "two people with knowledge of the auction"
    • Apple has $76.2B in cash and securities, Hulu is thought to be valued at around $2B [Apple just paid for $2.6B for its part of the Nortel Patent purchase]
    • Peter Kafka at AllThingsD tried to put perspective to the whole thing
    • Apple has met with the bankers marketing Hulu, but no one Kafka's talked to believes that Apple is a serious candidate to buy Hulu.
    • Companies linked to the Hulu sale so far: Yahoo (wanted exclusive rights to content), Microsoft (said to drop out of talks), Google, Verizon, AT&T and Amazon. "
  • Spotify May Have 70,000 Paid Subscribers a Week After U.S. Launch
  • Spotify Gained 70,000 U.S. Subscribers in First Week: Sources
    • Billboard Editor Bill Werde heard from his sources that Spotify in one week has amassed 70k paid subscribers in the US
    • Spotify has 1.6M subscribers in 2 years for its European service
    • Extrapolated numbers for the U.S . - if the rate of growth continued in one year in the US Spotify would have 3M paying customers acc'g to Silicon Alley Insider (that's just crazy)
    • Context: Rhapsody has 800k paying customers, Napster has 761,000 paying subscribers. But they are years old.
    • When contacted by Billboard, a Spotify spokesperson said "The launch of Spotify in the US has exceeded our expectations in both the response to invitations for the free service as well as subscriptions. We aren't going to discuss numbers at this stage but we are excited to be here and confident that Americans will love Spotify as much as they already do in Europe."

Discussion Stories

  • More than 800 Android apps are leaking personal data
    • Security firm Dasient checked 10k Android apps found hat more than 8% of apps are transmitting personal user data to unauthorized computers
    • 11 apps sent texts to entire contacts list
    • Other apps transmit the IMEI (specific to) and IMSI (specific to subscriber) numbers
    • Dasient CTO Neil Daswani says the amount of infected apps has doubled in the last 2 years

News Fuse




"Here's a story for you:

Last weekend our cable provider Suddenlink brought out their own Tivos for use on their cable network and when they did, all the existing TiVos on the network lost their CableCard pairings. So now we can no longer get our premium channels. Service technicians are working on a solution. No mention of the problem on their website.

Dick Eades"

"Hey tnt crew,

I was just watching the skype advertising section of TNT 289 and wanted to point out that microsoft already has display ads on Windows Live Messenger. Small banner ads are displayed along the bottom of the application, weather chatting or video calling. The ads are non intrusive and small.

Just wanted to point that out for you american folk. Keep up the good work

- Jonathan, Cyprus (that's a country)"


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