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Tech News Today
Episode 293

Tech News Today 293: Last One Out, Crash The ISS

Goodbye CD players, OS X Lion pwned, George Lucas defeated, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Key LulzSec figure nabbed as legal attack on PayPal launched
  • Hackers call for PayPal boycott
  • Shetland man arrested over hacking claims
    • The Metropolitan Police in the UK are claiming to have arrested Topiary, a key player in both AnonOps and Lulz Security.
    • A 19-year-old male was arrested in the Shetland Islands -- Other addresses in the north of England are being searched, and a 17-year-old male is also being interviewed in connection with the inquiry.- Anonymous OpPayPal asks people to cancel paypal accounts and stop using the service.
    • Anonymous denounces PayPal for acquiescing to government pressure and blocking payments to WikiLeaks.
    • The statement also expresses the group's outrage that the FBI has arrested suspected criminals,
    • Anonymous claims 35,000 accounts have been closed
  • FBI working from list of top 1,000 protestors in Anonymous raids
    • FBI working from a list, provided by PayPal, of the 1,000 internet IP addresses responsible for the most protest traffic during Anonymous’ DDoS attacks against PayPal last December.
    • An FBI affidavit first published Tuesday by an NBC affiliate in Dallas lays out how the FBI decided on its targets, and suggests the bureau may have plenty more
    • On December 15, the company turned over a USB thumb drive containing the Radware reports, which documented “approximately 1,000 IP addresses that sent malicious network packets to PayPal during the DDoS attacks.”
    • The newly released affidavit was offered in support of a search warrant for the home of an Arlington, Texas couple and their son, who were among the July 19 targets, and have not been charged. The house was the source of 3,678 packets in about two-and-a-half hours starting December 8.
  • Ford to scrap CD players in cars
    • Ford says it's doing away with CDs in its cars
    • Sheryl Connelly, global trends and futuring manager at Ford, said: "In-car entertainment technology is moving digital more rapidly than almost any other element of the vehicle experience. The in-car CD player – much like pay telephones – is destined to fade away in the face of exciting new technology."
    • The new Ford Focus dashboard will include instead a USB socket allowing iPods and other digital music players to be plugged in.
    • Ford said sales of in-car CD players was falling rapidly, in line with falling sales of CDs themselves.

Discussion Stories

  • DeNA and Ngmoco launch Mobage mobile social network across globe
    • DeNA and its American subsidiary Ngmoco announced today they have launched the Mobage mobile social network in English-speaking territories around the globe.
    • Mobage will work with Android
    • Tokyo-based DeNA acquired NGMOCO in August.
    • DeNA’s Japanese-language Mobage service has 30 million users, who largely play on feature phones
    • Mobage is now available in Android markets in the U.S., China and Japan. It competes with Gree/OpenFeint, Apple’s Game Center, and upcoming social networks such as Facebook’s next-generation mobile technology and Electronic Arts’ Origin service.
    • Mobage described as taking advantage of the "interest graph"
  • Software Exploits Mac OS X Lion Login Passwords Vulnerability
    • According to Passware, the latest version of Mac OS X has a "vulnerability" that allows login passwords to be exposed while the Mac is locked or in sleep mode.
    • The software uses the content that is stored in the system memory and reads it via Firewire.
    • Experts recommend turning your Mac off and/or disabling FireWire.
    • The setting means the password is resident in the computer's memory. Since FireWire uses Direct Memory Access (DMA) to achieve fast connection speeds, anyone connected to the system through the port has full access to the computer's memory range, Passware said.

News Fuse




"Subject: YouTube Streaming

I know a lot of people who use YouTube as an alternative to Streaming Music on cell phones

- Steve Brock"

"Hey TNT Crew! I started a petition to save the repository of awesomeness that is Google Labs. I'd be honored if you mentioned it on the show. It's located at:

Thanks, Xavier"

"Hi TNT crew! I had a suggestion regarding the recent change to the Kindle app on the iPhone and iPad. Fortunately I had listened to your show when you mentioned that in an update to the app, the Kindle Store button would be removed. I thought that would be hugely inconvenient to me because I have a random, Lastpass-generated password to Amazon which is a pain to deal with on Safari on the iPhone and iPad. But I got the bright idea of using the button one last time before I allowed the update, and saving (bookmarking) the URL that the button sent to Safari. That URL contains my login info (presumably encrypted), so when I use it, I'm logged in! It seems to work. I hope this idea is useful to someone else. Thanks for the show! - JR"

"Good afternoon TNT gang,

It seems, from your discussion of Apple's changes to their in-app subscription policies, that you're not taking a consumer focused position. It seems to me that the developers are being greedy by not offering a secure, quick, and fricitonless method for consumers to purchase their content. It is just as shortsighted for these developers to not recognize that there is a user base (a growing user base) willing to pay for content if it is delivered securely and easily as it has been short sighted for other content owners in the entertainment industry who greedily protect their current business models at the expense of the user experience.

Perhaps, if big name stores like Amazon, Sony, and Financial Times are not willing to provide the in-app subscriptions, then smaller app developers and content owners-- who will happily pay for Apple to handle billing, customer service, scalability, and advertising for 30% of the revenue-- may be advantaged by offering the additional value of in-app subscription payments on Apple's terms. Just my (brilliant) two-cents on the topic :-) Love the show! -- Duane Andrews New York City"



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