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Tech News Today
Episode 294

Tech News Today 294: Spotify Got Squatified

Sprint going LTE? Google wants to speed up your website, glow-n-the-dark dogs, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • BT ordered to block links to Newzbin 2 website
  • British Telecom ordered to blacklist Usenet search engine
  • Hollywood goes to war on pirates
    • A high court has ruled BT (ISP) must block Newzbin 2
    • Newzbin is the reincarnation of a site shut down previously in the UK. It's a Usenet search engine often used to find movies and TV shows.
    • "In my judgment it follows that BT has actual knowledge of other persons using its service to infringe copyright: it knows that the users and operators of Newzbin 2 infringe copyright on a large scale, and in particular infringe the copyrights of the studios in large numbers of their films and television programmes."
    • BT and the Motion Picture Association (MPA), which brought the case, will be back in court in October to work out how the blocking will work. MPA suggests using child porn filters.
    • "The Studios have made it clear that this is a test case," the judge wrote. "If they are successful in obtaining an order against BT, then they intend to seek similar orders against all the other significant ISPs in the UK."
  • Google’s New Page Speed Service Promises to Speed Up Your Website
  • Google to speed up, host customers' Web sites
  • Tom's Web page tested in the service
    • Following on PageSpeed extension, and API, comes the Page Speed service from Google. Free and invite only for now, will start charging.
    • Google essentially grabs your website, caches it and serves it from the company’s extensive network of servers around the world.
    • Point your DNS at Google's servers - Google rewrites the pages -"Now you don't have to worry about concatenating CSS, compressing images, caching, gzipping resources, or other Web performance best practices." - Ram Ramani
    • Google says on average, pages served from Page Speed are between twenty and sixty percent faster.
    • Some pages may not render properly and you can blacklist them from the service

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"Just some food for thought about interpreting those Nielsen results...sure, how many people watch video on a device is important - but more important is how much they watch. If only 3% are watching video on iPads, they could be watching 4-times as much as those who watch on other devices such as a laptop. This could total change what the study means for businesses.

Keep up the great work! Mark Hermonat, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada"

"Hey gang -

This is in reference to Ford cutting out CD players in their cars. As an enjoyer of music I have next to no use for CDs unless I'm collecting from my favorite band. Otherwise, downloads are fine for me. However, as a children's comedian/musician CDs are still very relevant. 9 times out of 10 moms request physical media because it's easier to play in the mini-vans, etc. As a dad, I keep a booklet of CDs in our car for the kiddos to enjoy while my wife and I listen to podcasts.

I love how forward thinking Ford has been, and I hope they keep it up, but I think a lot of families still want the good ol' plastic disc option. It's kept my business going. Just my two cents.

Keep up the great work.

Mr. Vic the Comedian for Kids and Families"



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