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Tech News Today
Episode 298

Tech News Today 298: The Circle Of Tech

Opera people aren't so smart, BlackBerry avalanche!!!, and Android es muy mal and more.

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  • Android users twice as likely to see malware than six months ago
    • Security firm Lookout issued a report: If you're running Android you're 2.5x more likely to encounter malware today compared to 6 months ago
    • mobile users havea 30% liklihood of clicking a malicous link
    • An estimated 500,000 people were affected by Android malware in the first half of this year, a period when apps infected with malware rose from 80 in January to more than 400 in June, according to the report, which focuses on Android and Apple's iOS.
    • Lookout collects data from more than 700,000 Android and iPhone apps and 10 million Android devices around the globe, and offers free and fee-based versions of a security service for the open source Android platform, but not for iOS.

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"Hey guys, Love the show. In Episode 297 you talked about how ShiftyJelly was less than pleased at their treatment from the Amazon app store. They complained that after Pocket Casts was featured as the free app of the day they stopped getting downloaded after the free period. I hate to say this about a program, but it was barely functional as a podcasting app. It was beautiful but had so many little problems that would drive someone crazy if they consumed a lot of podcasts (which any TWiT lover does). I think that had more to do with this fact that they stopped getting downloaded.

In All About Android a couple weeks ago, they had the developer of Field Runner 3d on, and they talked about how Amazon was the only way to put an app out for free for awhile and then later charge, as Google makes developers lock in a price on apps when they go on the Market. There have been multiple times where the free app i downloaded was great and I told people who later bought it. I think the system is solid and this was just a scream for publicity on ShiftyJelly's part.

Craig Boulder, CO "

"A new concern with buying Mac OS X via the Mac App Store...

In the past, I would buy a Mac OS X upgrade for my computer. When I bought my next new computer that already came with that new version, I could sell my old computer and include the Mac OS X upgrade disc.

But today, if I upgrade my computer to Lion via the Mac App Store, then later buy a new machine that comes with Lion, I can't very well give away that copy of Lion when I sell my old computer, can I?

The Mac App Store software is tied to me, so even if I sell the old computer, I can't transfer rights to the copy of Lion I bought for it...

Have you heard of a way to transfer rights to digital goods (not counting virtual shovels or whatever in those silly Facebook games)?

- Allen Huffman"



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