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Tech News Today
Episode 306

Tech News Today 306: Google Conquers Motorola

Bing beats Google at search success, ATT sues to stop its customers, Google bought itself a little something, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Google Steps Up to Defend Android Developers From Patent Lawsuit
    • Wired reports that Google has filed a request with the US PTO on Friday to reexamine two Lodys patents "that we believe should never have been issued." - Google senior vice president and general counsel Kent Walker
    • Those two patents related to in-app purchasing
    • Lodsys is currently suing 11 smartphone app developers for allegedly infringing the two patents, U.S. 7,222,078 and 7,620,565. Lodsys claims its patents cover the use of in-app payments technology, which allows users to carry out transactions within the context of an app itself.
    • Google filed Inter Partes -- Ninety-five percent of “inter partes” reexamination requests filed since 1999 have been granted by the USPTO.

Discussion Stories

  • BART anticipates more cyber attacks from 'Anonymous' hackers
  • Anonymous hacks BART after wireless shutdown; protests planned for Monday
    • BART was attempting to contact more than 2,400 customers Sunday afternoon to inform them that their personal information had been obtained and published by Anonymous
    • Anon launched cyber attacks Sunday against BART and the Fullerton Police Department in retaliation for deadly confrontations between police and homeless men.
    • Anonymous hack included the release of names, passwords, and other personal data stored for users of the marketing site
    • US Dept. of Homeland Security is assisting, FBI is investigating. " Called #OpBART - protests planned for 5 Pm Monday

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The "Ommmm" Calendar


"TNT Peoples,

I am glad to see game makers taking on Steam. Steam acts in very bad ways: They can deactivate games that you purchased at a retail outlet if they believe you have violated Steam’s, not the game publisher’s, terms of service. You don’t own the rights to a game through Steam. I wanted to give away my retail box of The Orange Box, and Steam threatened to deactivate my entire account. I look forward to playing Battlefield 3 on EA’s system. FREEDOM!




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