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Tech News Today
Episode 309

Tech News Today 309: HP's Birthday Surprise

HP bails on the computer, IBM's brain chip, Windows 8 secrets revealed, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Lenovo's profit nearly doubles on higher overseas sales
    • Net profit was $108.8m (£65.8m) for the three months to the end of June, a 98% surge compared with the same period last year
    • The surge was driven by emerging markets, with a 46% jump in shipments.
    • Now world's 3rd largest PC vendor by total shipments
  • IBM's cognitive computing chip functions like a human brain, heralds our demise
  • IBM produces first 'brain chips'
    • IBM DARPA project called SyNAPSE (Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics)
    • 2 prototype "neurosynaptic computing chip" 256 cores, One chip has 262,144 programmable synapses, while the other contains 65,536 learning synapses
    • integrated memory directly within its processors, wedding hardware with software in a design that more closely resembles the brain's cognitive structure. This severely limits data transfer speeds, but allows the system to execute multiple processes in parallel
    • prototypes have already demonstrated the ability to navigate, recognize patterns and classify objects"

Discussion Stories

  • New AT&T texting plans: unlimited or nothing
    • Engadget published a leaked document showing AT&T plans on changing text message plans August 21
    • Eliminate all limited plans.
    • $20 for an individual unlimited messaging plan or $30 for a family unlimited messaging plan
    • Without a plan - 20¢ per text and 30¢ per multimedia message.
  • Microsoft starts to talk Windows 8, all but confirms App Store
  • Windows 8 build locked down to prevent leaks?
    • Windows Live Division President Steven Sinofsky posting again to B8 blog
    • High-level view of how Win8 team is organised
    • Mentioned App Store team
    • Hyper-V team
    • No Media Center team
    • Separately: An internal e-mail allegedly from Intel and published by WinRumors announced that generic product keys previously included with the builds would no longer be supported or available. Instead, people working with the new build would have to obtain new, special product keys
  • Does not compute: court says only hard math is patentable
    • United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rejected a patent on a method of detecting credit card fraud
    • the court ruled that you can't patent mental processes—even if they are carried out by a computer program.
    • The court ALSO ruled that the no-patenting-math rule doesn't apply if the math in question complicated enough that "as a practical matter, the use of a computer is required" to perform the calculations.
    • 1994 Federal Circuit In Re Alappat case allowed a patent on anti-aliasing....but that could be done by humans, tedious, yes, but could be done
    • In Tuesday's opinion, the court argued that the half-toning patent was different from the fraud-detection patent because the half-toning algorithm "required the manipulation of computer data structures"

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"Listening to Wednesday's episode I can shed some light on why hp is ranked so high is web visitors. Working in the tech industry I am always going to to get to the printer drivers section. I'm sure that tech support driver downloads account for most of those hits. I manage printers for an enterprise and I hps website easily a hundred plus times a month- and we are a relatively small company too.

Just a thought. Paul DeArment Jr"

"In #305 (and other times as well, I'm sure) Sarah Lane mentioned trying to move away from email.

So my question is, what would you have it replaced with? You mentioned Facebook messenger, but that is a closed system - not to mention the fact that you need to be logged in so they can track your every move.

Thanks, Craig"



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