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Tech News Today
Episode 310

Tech News Today 310: All Clear For Sprint

Who's buying HP? HTC ok with Motoroogle, Intel the new patron of the arts, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • Intel recruits sci-fi writers to dream up future tech
    • Intel has commissioned leading science fiction authors to pen short stories that imagine future uses for the firm's technology.
    • Called the Tomorrow Project
    • The anthology has been made available online as a free download.
    • Intel believes this can help anticipate consumer aspirations, and drive future adoption of its products.
    • The Tomorrow Project is led by Intel futurist Brian David Johnson

News Fuse





"Is it possible that the change in SMS plans for ATT is due to the fact that they will lose revenue when iOS5 comes out with free texting? - Jeremy Windmiller"

"Hi TNT folks.

I'm hoping you got a lot of emails about this... I'm glad that Iyaz likes Windows Media Center, but the fact that he thinks he's the only one who does is pretty sad. WMC has a lot of fans, and has inspired a number of devoted online communities -- and while the original Windows XP iteration of Media Center may not have worked very well, the modern version is fantastic. It may not seem cost-effective compared to a $99 Apple TV, and it certainly isn't as newbie-friendly, but it's the one of the best options for managing a diverse array of digital entertainment on a home network. If you want to store DVD and Blu-Ray images on a NAS for access throughout the house, or play back that (ahem) downloaded HD video on your 52"" TV in full 5.1 surround, or stream Netflix to that same TV, or access multiple music/photo/video libraries from a single interface, Media Center can do it.

Microsoft seems to have lost interest in Media Center, which is sad, but the version of Media Center in Windows 7 is a mature product; there's no reason it couldn't carry over into Windows 8 as-is.

I'll stop babbling now.


"Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has been complaining about his iPhone and his Android phone on his blog so Brandon Watson challenged him to try a Windows Phone. They gave him a Samsung Focus (the same phone I have). His conclusion was it's the best phone but has zero coolness factor. That statement speaks volumes.

Why is it called Windows Phone? There's plenty of tiles but not a window to be found anywhere. Everyone refers to the Metro interface, that would have been a much better name. What's the deal with using the Zune software to interact with the phone on your PC? There's nothing wrong with the software but everyone associates the word Zune with a failed music player.

Scott's observation that the iPhone constantly drops calls but the Focus didn't on the same network was interesting. Is it the OS or a hardware problem? Of course it's not like you can run iOS on a different phone.

Troy Phoenix"



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