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Tech News Today
Episode 311

Tech News Today 311: Cut Me A Slice Of Cyberloaf

Microsoft steals WebOS developers, then sues Motorola Mobility. Ford and Toyota partner up, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Skype Buys GroupMe, Looks To Ramp Up Its Group Messaging Services
    • Skype buying GroupMe a price reported to be between $50 million and $85 million.
    • iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and (most recently) Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7
    • After launching lat year at TechCrunch event GroupMe has picked up just under $11.5 million in funding
    • GroupMe co-founder Steve Martocci notes that GroupMe will be integrating with Skype.
  • Microsoft courts webOS developers; 1,000 make the leap
  • Microsoft woos webOS developers with free phones, training
    • Microsoft's Brandon Watson tweeted on Friday "To Any Published WebOS Devs: We'll give you what you need to be successful on #WindowsPhone, phones, dev tools, and training, etc."
    • This morning: Oops...@winrumors runs another article...@engadget flood begins anew for Monday. Closing in on 1K #webOS dev emails.
    • Only applies to developers who have had their app accepted for publication in WebOS App Catalog.
    • Watson also is responsible for Scot Adams getting a Windows Phone and offered one to GeoHotz "

Discussion Stories

  • Microsoft-Moto Patent Case Opens With Obligatory Smack Talk
    • Microsoft’s patent infringement case against Motorola Mobility kicked off before the International Trade Commission in Washington today.
    • MS accuses Motorola Mobility of infringing 7 patents and asks for a ban on certain phones
    • “We are vigorously defending ourselves against Microsoft’s patent attack business strategy,” Motorola said in a statement. “We have also brought legal actions of our own in the U.S. and in Europe to address Microsoft’s large scale of infringement of Motorola Mobility’s patents.”
    • An initial determination in the case is set to be issued in November and a final judgment is expected in March 2012.
  • Ford partners with Toyota to share technology, create new hybrid system for trucks and SUVs
    • announcing a "memorandum of understanding" today that will see them acting as "equal partners" to create a new rear-wheel drive hybrid platform intended for light trucks and SUVs
    • That platform is expected to be completed by sometime next year, but the two will also be sharing data to advance infotainment and in-car technology systems, meaning someday your Entune might talk to your Sync
  • Apple reportedly testing 4G LTE in iOS 5 beta builds
  • Claimed iPhone 5 parts surface, suggesting minor changes in store
    • Reference to LTE found in iOS 5 developer builds
    • a property list (.plist) file found on the GSM iPhone 4 and CDMA iPad 2 shows that Apple has incorporated LTE testing into its Fieldtest application
    • Forbes reported job postings at Apple requiring LTE expertise. Pictures of LTE equipment installed in Apple stores
    • TVC Mall, a Shenzhen-based electronic parts wholesaler, is already listing replacement camera module, battery, and audio jack cable parts for what is labeled as "iPhone 5."
    • battery 5.3 Whr
    • iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens confirmed to MacRumors that the part numbers seem plausible

News Fuse




"Hey TNT crew,

Wanted to respond to the Randomizer story on the new "holograms" being unveiled in Paris. When it comes to bad holograms, we (Yanks) had it here first.

Below is the link to the video voicemail that shows you one set up across the street from my apartment, right in the heart of Wall Street, New York at the new flagship Duane Reade (famous New York drug store chain). Hopefully the audio works well (towards the end it gets a bit noisy in the store, but I pretty much say "Not working properly but when it comes to bad holograms, we had it here first."

Here's also a picture of it when it is in working order

Love the show, Derrick"

"Hello Folks,

in your episode #310, you guys talked about a Intel's Project Tomorrow, and talked about a way to create crowd sourced content, I believe that Bar Karma deserves a citation. It is a sci-fi drama developed by a community.

The show was created by Sim City's Will Wright, and it is a pretty entertaining.



Gilberto ""Knuttz"" Soares Filho"



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