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Tech News Today
Episode 318

Tech News Today 318: Amazon To Release Uni-Kindle In October

DOJ blocking ATT/T-Mobile merger, Gmail goes offline, Sony products from IFA, and more.

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Top Stories

  • AT&T Responds To DoJ: The Facts Will Prevail In Court
    • The United States Department of Justice has filed an antitrust complaint seeking to block the AT&T / T-Mobile merger
    • Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole, “the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile would result in tens of millions of consumers all across the United States facing higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality products for mobile wireless services.”
    • T-Mobile’s low prices and innovative products have been a “disruptive force” in the industry by being the first to offer BlackBerry devices, the Sidekick, Android devices, unlimited service plans, and nationwide Wi-Fi.
    • “AT&T could obtain substantially the same network enhancements that it claims will come from the transaction if it simply invested in its own network without eliminating a close competitor.”
    • AT&T General Counsel Wayne Watts says AT&T intends to file for an expedited hearing and “vigorously contest this matter in court”
    • agreed to pay T-Mobile a massive $6b fee in cash and spectrum if the merger doesn’t go through."
    • AT&T said on Wednesday that it will bring back to the U.S. some 5,000 call center jobs if the deal is allowed to proceed.
    • The carrier also said it will promise that no U.S. call center jobs will be lost when the deal closes.
    • ATT says the burden rests on the DOJ to prove any anti-competitive impact."
  • Google announces offline Gmail, Calendar, and Docs - uses HTML5
  • Google restores offline abilities for Gmail, Docs
    • Offline Google Mail offline is due to hit today, while Google Calendar and Google Docs will see a rolling release starting today and continuing over the next week or so. Available as Apps from the Chrome Store
    • Offline Gmail lets people read and write messages (including with address autocompletion), respond to others' messages, apply labels and stars, and archive messages, said Alex Gawley,
    • People will be able only to read word processing documents and spreadsheets. -- For offline calendars, people can read them offline and respond to RSVPs, but not create new calendar entries.
    • Years ago, the company had enabled offline access to the applications using in-house technology called Gears. This time it's trying a different route that uses a variety of Web standards--some descended from Gears--but some proprietary elements of Chrome, at least for now.
    • Among the standards in use are IndexedDB, which is used to run the database that stores the data, and HTML5's App Cache, which lets the Web app run from a computing device, not just from the Web itself.

Discussion Stories

News Fuse




"Hi TNT Crew,

Just a heads-up. August 31st is the last day for free CES 2012 registration (September 30 for international guests). After that it's $100 and $200 at the door. Is the TWIT crew going?

A faithful viewer and brick-buyer,

Dan Van Hoy Hong Kong (an American expat)"

"You guys mentioned the touchpad as the 2nd best selling tablet. This is false. The Asus Transformer has been selling 400-500k units per month since June and those are concrete numbers. The Fast Company article is completely speculative and claims that the touchpad is the only other tablet to reach 500k sales, which is completely false.


To be specific - the transformer has shipped 400k units in April and May, 300k units in June, >400k units in July. These numbers are not only shipped in channels because there are numerous reports of transformers selling out and that Asus is the only other company that cannot keep up with demand



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