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Tech News Today
Episode 323

Tech News Today 323: It's All Fluffy

Deny or embrace porn domains, Netflix bugs everyone, double cell data capacity for nothing, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Did Netflix just start limiting users to one movie stream at a time? No.
  • New Netflix Restriction: One Stream Per Customer
    • Yesterday: users reported an error message appearing if you tried to watch more than one stream at a time on different devices.
    • Today: According to spokesman Steve Swasey, no Netflix member is limited to less than two streams at once. The error message was just that, an "error" the company is correcting.
    • Hacking Netflix reports another blip caused S1 of Star Trek: TNG to disappear temporarily over the weekend -
    • The unenforced policy in the terms of service limits you to one stream for every disc you can have out at a time. Streaming only get one stream at a time. This policy remains unenforced.

Discussion Stories

  • .XXX web domain registration begins
  • Limited Registration Begins for .XXX Domains
    • Starting today, brands have 52 days to request to have their name blocked from use with .xxx. The block is a one-time fee of $150-$300
    • Existing adult entertainment sites can also submit their application to reserve a spot on .xxx
    • ICM registry is administering the launch. XXX goes live next year
    • An 18-day land rush registration effort begins October 28. Open registration starts December 6
    • Sunrise A is for those in the adult entertainment business; and Sunrise B is for those outside the industry who might not want to have their businesses associated with a porn-focused domain
    • Disputes go to arbitration; duplicate requests in Sunrise A will be auctioned off
  • AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Hearing Set for Sept. 21
  • AT&T Able to Cut T-Mobile Bid If Remedies Rise
    • Judge Ellen S. Huvelle with the D.C. District Court. will hear the ATT - DOJ case at 2 PM September 21st in Washington DC
    • Reports say AT&T is willing to sell off 25 percent of T-Mobile's business and promise not to raise existing T-Mobile prices
    • AT&T would be able to pay less than the deal’s original $39 billion value if regulators demand asset sales that surpass 20 percent of that figure, or about $7.8 billion, according to Bloomberg report
  • Breakthrough Could Double Wireless Capacity with No New Towers
  • Rice University PR
    • Rice University's new "full-duplex" technology allows wireless devices like cell phones and electronic tablets to both "talk" and "listen" to wireless cell towers on the same frequency -- something that requires two frequencies today.
    • In 2010, Ashutosh Sabharwal and Rice colleagues Melissa Duarte and Chris Dick published the first paper showing that full-duplex was possible
    • This summer, Sabharwal and Rice's Achaleshwar Sahai and Gaurav Patel set new performance records <> with a real-time demo of the technology that produced signal quality at least 10 times better than any previously published result.
    • Sabharwal's team has gone one step further and achieved asynchronous full-duplex too

News Fuse




"Hi TNT crew. Yesterday was my last day on Netflix at my old price. I called and cancelled, sure I could have done it over the Internet, but I wanted to let them know that a 60% price increase, coupled with an impending loss of Starz was an unacceptable combination. The rep told me, ""we didn't lose Starz, in fact, we just renewed with them"". I informed him he was 100% incorrect, that indeed Netflix stock took a 9% hit on the news last week. I wonder how many other people have been talked into staying with this false information? My main beef with this increase is they are trying to get people off of DVD's before their catalog is truly up to speed. If every DVD was available to stream they could charge $100 a month for a DVD and I wouldn't bat an eye. Mike in NH"


With reference to the Dragon Con episode, LoveFilm is a division of Amazon so they know how the video rental & streaming business works well. Therefore, as content rights became available, I wouldn't be surprised if the new Kindle is used as a trojan horse to undermine Netflix's position in the US market. So, anyone want to put money on an Amazon TV with airplay like capabilities?

Love the show,

Yours, Ethaniel"



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