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Tech News Today
Episode 324

Tech News Today 324: Bartz And Android Forked Over

Windows 8 tablet, Google buys Zagat, Amazon gives up tax fight in California, and more.

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  • Microsoft, Samsung may unveil first Windows 8 tablet next week
    • Korea Economic Daily reports Samsung will unveil a Windows 8 tablet at Microsoft's BUILD conference next week.
    • Developers who attend the conference may receive a free quad-core tablet. Last year, devs received free Windows Phones.
    • Microsoft’s BUILD conference for developers in Anaheim Sept. 13-16.
  • Amazon to give up the fight in California
  • Amazon cuts deal on California sales taxes
    • Amazon and State of California agreed on a deal. Amazon will not have to collect taxes until September 2012.
    • Amazon will drop its battle to overturn the state's new law that required it and many other out-of-state online retailers to collect the taxes.
    • If Congress acts by next summer to settle the contentious issue of how online retailers should be taxed, that decision would override Amazon's deal with California.
    • US Congress is currently mulling over a National Internet Sales Tax Bill that was introduced at the start of August. Any decision Congress makes in the next year would over-rule state laws.
    • No indication if Governor Brown will agree

Discussion Stories

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"Hey tnt crew :)

I was thinking about Spotify the other day , and you guys always used to say Europeans are so lucky to have Spotify , well i live in Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M) and we dont get Spotify and i belive more than 50% of the countries dont get it ... And it sux , only GB, Spain and some three other countries get it ... So yeah now u guys have it and we still dont ... I know work-arounds via proxies but the takes away the fun of using it ....

Also , im hearing that Netflix is trying to launch in "Europe" , well my guess is they're only gonna launch in GB , Germany, France and Pobably just two more countries ... And although u think of Europe as a whole Market , its not , we dont get anything in Macedonia not even PayPal ... So when u guys refer to "Europe", i think u should refrase that to limited part of Europe is getting the service ... Cause remember more than 50% is left behind ....

Love the show ...

Meriton Chutra

From Macedonia"

"Hey TNT,

I just got this email this morning and three things made me forward it to you:

1) I'm happy that Diaspora isn't dead, but is actually going to launch a product (alpha) soon. 2) I noted the "we-thought-of-Circles-first" point they're tying to make. 3) They say they have "hundreds of thousands" of people signed up to try it out.

Here's to hoping that distributed, open-source, social networks have legs!

Julian in San Diego"

  • Diaspora email info:
  • Thanks for your interest in being part of the Diaspora* community. You may not have heard from us in a while, but we’ve been working hard, head-down.

- We’re sending out alpha invitations now, as quickly as we can. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you will receive it by the end of October."



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