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Tech News Today
Episode 328

Tech News Today 328: Blue Face Of Death

Facebook crushes Twitter, Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo team up, Sony hoardes the Vita, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Intel pitches netbook-cum-tablet 'hybrids'
  • IDF brings more Thunderbolt peripherals, cheaper controllers next year
  • Cedar Trail-based Classmate PC hands-on at IDF (video)
    • pitched the notion of a hybrid device, skinnier than a netbook but thicker than a tablet by bringing the latter a built-in keyboard. (sort of like Inspiron Duo)
    • It expects hybrids to sit above tablets, pushing into the low-end notebook space, though well below pricey Ultrabooks. Hybrids will typically have Atom CPUs - specifically 'Cedar Trail', Intel's next-gen platform due Q4 2011 - and 10in or 11in touch-sensitive displays. They may even come with a stylus, and certainly USB and networking ports at the very least. They'll also sport all the usual sensors familiar to tablet users: accelerometers, gyros, GPS, user proximity and such.
    • New Thunderbolt controllers will ship alongside Ivy Bridge in Q2 2012
    • two new Thunderbolt controllers next year, called Cactus Ridge four- and two-channel versions, and both will be available in a 12x12mm package that looks to be roughly about the same size as the SFF Eagle Ridge package used in the MacBook Air.
    • Belkin has announced a new Thunderbolt port hub with three USB ports, a Thunderbolt port, a Firewire 800 port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port.--- Thunderbolt port-powered video breakout box dubbed Intensity Extreme. Like its UltraStudio 3D, it connects to a Thunderbolt port and allows sucking in or spitting out 10-bit HDMI HD or analog SD video
    • Classmate PC updated with Cedar Trail

Discussion Stories

  • Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL to sell one another's ads
    • AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo start selling ad inventory on each others’ sites
    • Executives from all three companies briefed a group of top Web publishers and ad buyers about the plan at a dinner presentation last night in Manhattan.
    • figure they'll take in more money collectively than if they turned over the ads to a third-party network, Kafka noted.
  • Linux Game Devs Upload Their Own Game on Pirate Bay, Strangely It Increases Sales
    • Tiny Build Games who released NTTE few days back, uploaded their own version of game on Pirate Bay. But there is a difference in this version and the original game that you can buy from the game website.
    • All in game characters wear Pirate hats and entire game is Pirate themed basically making it No Time to Explain 'Pirate Edition'.
    • “We saw very positive WTF REALLY feedback from users, and saw reactions that people bought it simply because they liked the joke. So we don’t see it hurting sales in any way,” Alex said.

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  • Feedback Segment Ideas:
    • Switchboard
    • Different Perspective
    • The Comeback
    • Closing the Loop
    • Another Point of View
    • Tie up loose ends
    • Full Duplex
    • "Datagram"
    • Reverberation

"I thought I'd offer info from someone who visits the public library at last twice a week (once for city, once for county).

The Kindle does not work with Overdrive; most other e-readers do. I get annoyed when reviews comparing the Kindle and Nook fail to point this out. This was one of two deciding factors that tipped me to buying a Nook.

You don't have to go to the library to get e-books. Once you have a library card, you can download the books from your browser. Annoyingly, the library has a limited number of ""copies"" available; usually fewer than the paper copies.

I admit the Amazon library sounds intriguing, but I doubt I'd use it even if I owned a Kindle. I'm not willing to buy another subscription when my taxes already pay for the services I get from my local library.


"Tom and Posse,

Do you think with Windows 8 supporting ARM that we will see more ARM based servers and HTPCs/set-top boxes? I know traditionally ARM has dominated in the mobile space, but with a major OS player like Microsoft turning to the architecture, could we see a further diversification of Windows devices?

Love the show,

Rich in Lovely Cleveland"



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