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Tech News Today
Episode 329

Tech News Today 329: Done Being Slightly Violated

Microsoft puts a nail in Flash's coffin, Paypal's approach to mobile payments, Netflix's shocking admission, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Microsoft offers Azure cloud toolkit to build Windows 8 apps
    • The Microsoft Windows Engineering Team has announced that the Metro interface web browser in Windows 8 will not support plug-ins — Adobe Flash & Silverlight included.
    • Users will still be able to open a traditional browser interface to make use of legacy sites that rely upon plug-ins
    • In a clarification, a Microsoft executive said x86 applications built to run on the desktop version of Windows 8 won't be compatible with the tablet version of the operating system.
    • "The demos we are showing you today are equally at home on ARM or x86," Sinofsky said, during a keynote presentation at Microsoft's BUILD conference in Anaheim, Calif.
    • A Microsoft spokesperson said Sinofsky was referring only to so-called Metro apps--touch-based applications that are designed for tablets but which also will run on Windows PCs.
  • Microsoft to launch Xbox TV later this year
    • Early look at the Xbox Live application that it’s developing for Windows 8
    • Avi Ben-Menahem, a Microsoft principal program manager
    • standard multiplayer gaming, as with the current Xbox Live platform, but also asynchronous (turn-based) gaming.
    • “That will allow you the developers to perform multiplayer functionality between two Windows PCs, between Windows and a phone or between Windows and the Xbox 360,”
    • At Microsoft's financial analyst meeting in Anaheim, Calif., on Wednesday, CEO Steve Ballmer previewed the new Xbox TV platform that will launch this holiday season.
    • In addition to video on-demand, that Xbox content will include live television. Ballmer said the live TV offerings will include "news, sports, and your favorite channels"

Discussion Stories

  • Is this "iPhone 5" screen protector a harbinger of new iPhone design?
    • Sprint is watching the network and investing in the infrastructure as needed to ensure a good customer experience, regardless of the rumors, Chief Financial Officer Joe Euteneuer said during an investor conference yesterday
    • Sprint has confirmed to PhoneScoop that it is shortening its return policy from 30 days to a mere 14 days. You'll also have to pay for the service during the period you use the phone.
    • the carrier's Premier Program will end December 31.
    • Chatting with French reporters at a business conference this week, France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard said""If we believe what we have been told, the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October,"" (A Saturday)
    • He also leaked the iPad in 2010
    • Another leaked screen protector has people all excited. Remember cases are often designed based on rumors, They are a poor predictor of final designs.
    • Steve Elfman, president of Sprint's network operations and wholesale, and his team have been relentless on watching the existing network to make sure that we are spending the capital we need and to make sure we don't create a bad user experience--irrespective of all the rumors," Euteneuer said, speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Entertainment & Communications conference. In terms of the demand and network usage generated by selling the iPhone, Euteneuer said "we're going to stay ahead of it."
  • Google Buys 1,000 Patents From IBM, Again
  • Google purchases Big Blue patents to defend Android
    • Google reportedly obtained 1,030 patents from IBM in July and purchased another 1,023 patents from the company last month, according to a Bloomberg report on Wednesday.
    • The SEO By the Sea search engine optimization blog discovered 1,022 patents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's database that were assigned on August 17, including those for Java scripting, wireless technology, circuit design, desktop and server hardware, and Web search
    • Brings Google's patent portfolio to 20k
  • A First Look at PayPal’s Strategy for Challenging Visa and MasterCard at the Register
    • PayPal had said it was going to launch pilot projects later this year, but this is the first time it is discussing how it will approach the digital market and how it will defend itself against incumbent
    • Can use phone number and PIN
    • Plastic card with magnetic stripe, no number on card
    • App with geolocation
    • PayPal has stitched all of these technologies over the past year from several million-dollar acquisitions, including the acquisitions of BillMeLater, Milo, Where and Zong.

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  • Star Wars series on Blu-ray ships in the US tomorrow to everybody who didn't forget to update their credit card information between the time they pre-ordered and today.... TOM


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"Hi Tom,

I don’t understand why you have a restless urge to give the feedback segment a cutesie name. What’s wrong with “audience (or viewer, listener, or just) feedback”? After all, “The best symbol for a thing is the thing itself.” I can understand “News Fuse”, because there isn’t a better term for what the segment is that I’m aware of.

Why give the segment a name that is less descriptive than the name you’re replacing, and then have to explain the name every day? You have that problem on your Sword & Laser podcast. The feedback segment is “Bare (or is it 'bear’?) Your Sword”, but the audio sounds like “Barrier Sword”, and I thought that’s what it was for the longest. Every time “Bare (Bear) Your Sword” gets mentioned, you then then explain that this is your feedback segment. I always found this a bit strange.


"Hello TNT Crew -

In the past, Google has been accused of promoting their own sites over others in search. However, Amazon does the same thing with their products. The Kindle has been front and center on's front page since it came out. Is that unfair? By the way, I am fine with Google promoting their own sites. Since Google is a public company, shareholders should be upset if they were NOT doing everything possible to maximize profits.

Keep up the great work -

Robert in Rochester, MN"


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