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Tech News Today
Episode 330

Tech News Today 330: Tastes Like Metal And Disappointment

We reveal who's buying Yahoo, China wins the Internet, save battery life and wireless performance, and more.

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  • The Biggest IPO You Haven’t Heard Of
    • Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co. (Jingdong), which operates Chinese e-commerce site 360buy, is planning to raise between $4 billion and $5 billion in an IPO it hopes to hold in the first six months of 2012.
    • 360buy is the of China.
    • If it succeeds, it would overtake Google Inc., whose $1.9 billion IPO in 2004 makes it the current record holder for Internet companies.
    • Jingdong's 2010 revenue soared to $1.6 billion, nearly tripling its $626 million in revenue in 2009.
    • This while US companies like Groupon and Zynga keep delaying their IPOs
    • Facebook also reportedly will delay IPO until late next year
  • Carriers may be handicapping cell phone networks
    • E-MiLi, or Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening, professor Kang Shin (right) and student Xinyu Zhang (University of Michigan) have developed a proof of concept that could extend battery life up to 54-percent with the WiFi radio on.
    • MiLi scales back the wireless card's clock to just 1/16th of its normal operating speed, and only kicks back into full gear when it senses incoming data.
    • in addition to "processor-slowing software," E-MiLi firmware would have to be installed on Wi-Fi chipsets.
    • Researchers from the computer science department at University of Michigan (Zhuoqing Morley Mao, professor of computer science) along with experts from Microsoft Research discovered that "middleboxes"--or network hardware that performs tasks such as firewalling, deep packet inspection, and intrusion detection and prevention--may be slowing down network connections and even exposing wireless subscribers to security vulnerabilities.
    • Measured a 50% performance hit on one carrier
    • Drained users batteries
    • Researchers worked independently from wireless carriers to conduct their testing and gather data. Used an Android app called NetPiculet

Discussion Stories

  • Windows 8 on ARM: more than just tablets, more to come on legacy apps and Office
    • Microsoft at pains to explain that ARM does not equal tablet.
    • Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft is working on a version of Office that will use the Metro interface.
    • When TIMN asked Microsoft’s VP of Windows Planning Mike Anguilo about Office he said, “we didn’t make the promise of shipping it or announce a SKU, but I showed it running, so you do the math.” He even went on to say, “so, you have potentially an Office solution that’s real Office and you have all these Metro style apps, you almost start thinking, at what point is it [the lack of legacy apps for ARM] not confusing anymore.”
    • Angiulo said that “there is a significant amount of marketing that we are capable of doing that can get through — we can afford to tell a story and tell it long enough and clearly enough. We will make sure it is absolutely clear where your legacy apps will run.” However, he followed that up with a kicker: “porting things and whether we open native desktop development are either decisions that are either not made or not announced yet.” Similarly, Qualcomm’s Horton stated that “there’s more to come in terms of the legacy issue as it relates to ARM.”
    • putting Windows 8 on ARM-powered laptops and desktops makes the legacy situation even more pressing. How am I supposed to explain to my mom that a new ARM-powered laptop, which has the Metro UI and the traditional desktop, doesn’t run older Windows applications?"

"Tom and Posse,

I don't think there will be a lot of consumer confusion on trying to get x86 programs to run on ARM Windows 8. Apple has done a lot of the hard work for Microsoft already by getting people to associate a tablet form factor with an app store. Since virtually all ARM devices will be tablet form factor for Windows 8 (at least this has been my impression initially), there won't be as many ways to get software on an ARM tablet. Most people don't think to install from a flash drive, and I'm sure sites like will detect the version of Windows and alter their software offerings accordingly. The key will be for Microsoft to get enough big name publishers to put ARM versions in the app store so people aren't tempted to go outside of it. If the app store comes out of the gate with a weak lineup, I could see confusion becoming an issue. Just my two cents

TNT is the pinnacle of podcast and journalism excellence,

Rich in Lovely(ish) Cleveland"

  • Microsoft Source: We're Talking About Buying Yahoo
  • Silver Lake considering Yahoo bid, report says - Silver Lake bought Skype then sold it to MS
  • Should Facebook run with HP's WebOS?
  • BlackBerry maker's missteps stir talk of its sale
    • A source told Business Insider that people at Microsoft are definitely talking about buying Yahoo. BUt then so were we at TNT, so what does that mea?
    • says Yahoo is more attractive to Microsoft than AOL.
    • Yahoo has been contacted by investment firm Silver Lake Partners about a potential acquisition bid, the Wall Street Journal is reporting,
    • According to Bloomberg, Silver Lake's plan involves liquidating Yahoo's Asian assets, and then focusing on the firm's core business elsewhere around the world in the hopes of potentially finding a new buyer.
    • All Things Digital reported earlier this week that investment firm Andreessen Horowitz was also considering acquiring all or part of Yahoo
    • In related acquisition speculation: Facebook may be one of the few viable buyers for WebOS, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek
    • Also, after RIM's earnings were revealed yesterday, RIM's shares took a beating on Friday, tumbling as much as 24 percent
  • Boeing picks Android for 787 entertainment systems
    • Gogo gets 4X faster Wi-Fi on Virgin, Vision on American
    • Starting with Virgin America, its ATG-4 spec Wi-Fi promises to quadruple the practical speed, enough to where HD video streaming is an option
    • Boeing is outfitting its new 787 Dreamliners with servers and touch-screens using Google’s Android operating system to provide music, video and apps to passengers in the new aircraft, according to a report today by Australian Business Traveller, ci
    • Panasonic and Thales are producing the Android-based hardware for the 787 entertainment system
    • Gogo has unrolled a major upgrade to its in-air Wi-Fi access for 2012. Starting with Virgin America, its ATG-4 spec Wi-Fi promises to quadruple the practical speed, enough to where HD video streaming is an option. It upgrades to the faster EVDO Revision B standard for its 3G and also has upgrades to improve the connection quality, such as two modems on the aircraft to reduce bottlenecks and a directional antenna to focus the signal.
    • Virgin planes should start carrying the faster access sometime in the first half of next year.
    • American Airlines is getting its own separate upgrade. Vision, Gogo's media service, is now expected to reach 400 of the carrier's aircraft and effectively blanket the airline by the end of 2012.

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Glad I could be of help in suggesting names for the viewer incoming communications section and that you liked and picked ""incoming"" (that and maelstrom were my favourites).

I think however I will pass on the genuine TNT Paperclips and being stabbed by Sarah . . . as much as I appreciate the offers.

Love the show

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