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Tech News Today
Episode 332

Tech News Today 332: Smells Like Tegra

Begun social networking wars have, G+ opens, Facebook fires back, NVidia says forget social networking, FIVE CORES!

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Discussion Stories

  • Wall Street Journal Unveils Facebook Edition, WSJ Social
    • Starting today, rolling out changes to newsfeed that make it more like a magazine
    • Instead of the “top news” and “most recent” toggle options, users will see a newsfeed with the most important items since they last visited
    • Alternate view scrolls down a sidebar and shows a live feed of nearly every action a users’ friends are taking across the site, including likes, statuses and comments.
    • Photo sizes double
    • On a sidenote, WSJ launched a Facebook edition. "WSJ Social" Free for the first month, afterwrads, subscriber content will only be available with subscription
  • Google tells developers how to prep for Ice Cream Sandwich
    • Google published technical guidance to help devs prepare for ICS
    • Shows how things like navbar will transition from small screen to big screen
    • Devs who made tablet-only apps w/o adhering to API may have broken apps on ICS phones
    • Google suggests changing the application manifest file to block the application from being installed on devices with small screens.
    • Devs who wish to recah pre-ICS customers will not be able to take advantage of the interface scaling
    • Google has already partially addressed this issue by backporting the Fragments framework and making it available as a static library for older versions of the operating system.
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X update: answering concerns of "vocal customers"
    • Apple updated Final Cut Pro X and tried to sway critics back to loving the product. Adobe has seemed to benefit greatly with disappointment int he new FCP.
    • The update grants all users a free demo version of the software to try it out for 30 days.
    • Xsan and rich XML (import and export)
    • Media Stems, allowing users to export media elements into separate files for things like effects, dialogue, and so on.
    • Roles, which lets users tag tracks based on the stems they plan to export

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  • reminder that our Facebook F8 coverage will be live on Thursday at 10 am Pacific



I have a theory about why Microsoft doesn't want people to side load apps into the Metro system and it's not because of security. As you said, the apps are html5 based and capable of being run in a browser and that's the exact thing that they don't want you to do. Apps have and always will be used by OS developers as a way to sell their OS and/or hardware. My theory is that Microsoft wants you to only buy metro apps through their app store so that your running them on a Windows machine. If you had the ability to side load apps, then with the apps being written in html5, it would be easy to run them on any other mobile OS platform. If they did want this, then they'd just start a web app store so that anyone could use these apps. But they want you to use Windows 8, and therefore will be doing their best to make sure that their apps can only be run on Windows 8. I have no inside information, this is just a theory.

Daily podcast listener,

- Mark"

"Hello TNT Crew, love the show, go Sarah go:

I was on my way to work on set of a 3D feature film shooting here in Toronto when I see the new generation of TTC subway trains pulling into the station. So of course I pull out the best camera I have on me, the T Mobile G-Slate in this case and start rolling 3D video of my super quite ride north on the Yonge Street line with a stop at Wellsey station. I think this is an avenue where 3D could break though, when people catch amazing images and they happen to be in 3D people crane their necks and say ""what's that 3D stuff you got over there? Cool."" And that is how much of the Joe public will be introduced to 3D in their lives. As more of these cameras out there are 3D capable, people will be shooting even more watchable home-made 3D.

What does TNT think?

Cheers! (Liquid Friday is every day)

Name: see brick #83 Greg"



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