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Tech News Today
Episode 333

Tech News Today 333: Cry Of The Monopolist

Why Google is not a monopoly, could HP CEO Leo lose his job, Windows might keep Linux off the desktop, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • How Microsoft Can Lock Linux Off Windows 8 PCs
    • To meet "Designed for Windows 8" standards, OEMs must ship computers with UEFI secure booting enabled. (UEFI -- Unified Extensible Firmware Interface -- replaces BIOS)
    • Secure Boot helps combat rootkits, bootkits, ransomware, and other firmware level malware
    • Vendors can firmware support for disabling secure booting, if the user wishes to install an unsigned OS like Linux
    • Providing a digitally signed version of Linux poses problems with the GPL license, the open license that governs Linux bootloaders.
    • Windows 8 will support BIOS for upgrading current dual-boot machines.
  • Amazon launches Kindle book-lending service with 11,000 US libraries
    • Beta period over, that was fast.
  • Amazon press release
    • esterday we announced Kindle lending began in Seattle. Today, THE WORLD!
    • Users will be able to check-out and read Kindle books from over 11,000 libraries in the United States.
    • Kindle users can visit their local library’s website, look up the book they wish to borrow and then choose a “Send To Kindle” link, which will deliver the book to their reading device.

News Fuse




"Hello TNT folks, I just watched your show from last night and wanted to remind you that Google Plus is not available for everyone. All of us using Google Apps can not use plus without creating a separate non-apps account.

I've attached a screenshot of what an apps user gets when going to

Awaiting the bliss that is plus, Tod Detre"

"Dear wonderful Tom, Sarah, Jason, OMG_Chad, Iyaz, and any guests,

Small note about the Metro UI in Windows 8. According to Microsoft's Windows 8 dev site Metro apps can also be written in C [sharp], C++, and VB alongside HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript.

Insert adverb here, TSSaloic

Postscript - The wonderful at the top carried over to all of you. And JammerB, Tony, and Leo as well.

Sent from my Windows Phone (with a physical keyboard, thank you LG for placing that on the Quantum, instead of a speaker like HTC's Surround)"

  • Yes you can code in all those languages using XAML. XAML/UI layer on top of Windows 8 that enables Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps to work on the platform. Microsoft to developers: Metro is your future



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