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Tech News Today
Episode 336

Tech News Today 336: We Didn't Kindle The Fire

Amazon Kindle Tablet on Fire, Netflix's sad big announcement, Windows Phone spies on you, and more.

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Top Stories

  • The Amazon tablet will look like a PlayBook -- because it basically is.
    • Ahead of Wednesday announcement, Amazon announced adding Fox to its instant streaming service.
    • 2,000 titles including Arrested Development, Office Space, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, and The Wonder Years.
    • Looks like this is library content. Brings Amazon Streaming to a total of 11,000 movie/TV titles
    • MG Seigler at TechCrunch reports name will be "Kindle Fire"
    • Ryan Block at GDGT reports Quanta, which designed the PlayBook, also designed the Kindle Fire and used the Playbook as a hardware template
    • MG reports no email client included. So it IS like a Playbook!
    • Allegedly Android 2.1
    • Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith all have deals to sell digital versions of their titles on the new device, according to industry sources.
    • No Time Inc.
    • Industry sources say publishers have tailored some of their titles for the seven-inch tablet that Amazon plans to unveil on Wednesday
  • Netflix-DreamWorks deal is more spin than win
    • Netflix and Dreamworks Animation strike a deal worth $30 million
    • Netflix will begin offering exclusive access to the studio's new films in 2013, with Antz, Kung Fu Panda and other titles from its library slated to become available for streaming sometime thereafter.
    • Unlike previous deal with HBO, Dreamworks can continue to sell digital copies during the period of the Netflix deal.
    • HBO let Dreamworks out of its deal early. HBO just signed a deal with Summit.

Discussion Stories

  • Windows Phone DOES transmit location information without user consent
  • Judge shreds, dismisses iPhone privacy class-action
    • Rafael Rivera, one of the programmer behind the Windows Phone jailbreaking tool ChevronWP, decided to test the Windows Phone camera app to see what information, if any, it sent to Microsoft when the phone was reset to the ‘out-of-box’ experience.
    • In response to these packets was pin-point accurate positioning information - all before I granted the Camera application access to location data.
    • The information transmitted included:
      • OS Version
      • Device Information
      • Wireless access points in the vicinity of the handset, including MAC addresses and power levels
      • Various GUID-based identifiers
  • Internet fails to dethrone TV news (so far)
    • survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism about sources of local news
    • 74% get local news from TV (breaking news and weather, and ties with radio for traffic reports)
    • 55% word of mouth, 50% radio (traffic politics)
    • 50% newspaper (local events, crime reports, cultural events, and tax and local government news, and tie with TV as the top source for local politics. )
    • 47% Internet (Local services like restaurants and bars)
    • consumers have become very savvy about the number of news sources to use when trying to find out information about their local communities. Nearly two thirds of people surveyed used at least three primary sources for weekly local news, and 15 per cent used at least six per week.

News Fuse




"Hi TNT, In TNT334, you discussed concerns regarding Meg Whitman's enterprise experience. Wasn't Lou Gertsner, the person who turned around IBM in the 90s, from American Express and RJR Nabisco? He was an outsider from day number one and was proud of it until the end. In his book, Who Says Elephants Can't Dance, he points out that the fixes he did were unique to IBM because of it's culture and complexity. I think HP is close enough. Love the show.


"If Blockbuster streaming is only available to Dish customers, what could possibly make it any different than Dish on Demand that is currently built into every Dish set-top box? Why have two competing products?

To me, this service offers nothing of use to customers until it can be used by anybody regardless of content provider. All it is going to do is cannibalize DoD sales and eventually fail because it was a poorly-implemented (albeit potentially great) service.

Dylan Manthei Monroe, WI"



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