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Tech News Today
Episode 337

Tech News Today 337: Meego Come And Go

BitTorrent wants to decongest the Internet, Amazon new tablet may suck, Sprint getting more Verizon-like, and more.

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Top Stories

  • The secret numerology behind the iPhone event invitation
    • Tuesday, October 4 at 10am Pacific Daylight Time on Apple's campus in Cupertino
    • Apple's invitation graphics (shown above) include four iOS app icons (Calendar, Clock, Maps, and Phone) along with the quote "Let's talk iPhone."
    • Some talk of new iPod Touch. Maybe white one?
    • Apple's iPhone 5 will include a whopping 1GB of RAM and a voice-control system known as the Assistant, according to TUAW
  • Microsoft Packs in a Few Treats as Mango Ripens
    • Owners of Windows Phone 7 devices will start to get the new Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) release as early as today, Microsoft is confirming. Most users should have it by end of October.
    • Redmond is also detailing a couple of Mango features that it hadn’t previously mentioned. The new software will support visual voicemail as well as acting as an Internet hotspot for up to five devices.
    • the new features it will be up to both hardware makers and carriers to decide whether and how to enable those features.
    • WP Web Marketplace works like Android Market, search, download to phone or send directions to a phone
    • Keeps track of purchased applications --
    • new unified My Windows Phone page where you can manage your Xbox LIVE profile, LIVE Mail, SkyDrive and Find My Phone settings all on a great looking site.
  • More than 1/3 of U.S. Android phones run on 4G
    • Sprint Nextel will launch its own 4G LTE network early next year.
    • Has been testing equipment in field and hopes to launch end of Q1, beginning of Q2
    • the LTE network won't require any additional capital investment.
    • Sprint Chief Executive Dan Hesse previously said Sprint would formally unveil its 4G plans at an event on October 7,
    • Using G-Block spectrum from Nextel, including spectrum freed by shutting iDEN down
    • Using FD-LTE (as does Verizon and Lightsquared) Clearwire rolling out TD-LTE
    • Sprint Chief Technology Officer Stephen Bye at GigOm Mobilize said Sprint would continue to maintain unlimited plans

Discussion Stories

  • Amazon to build 12M 'Tequila' and 'Whitney' Kindles, 3M 7-inch 'Hollywood' tablets
    • 7-inch media tablet codenamed "Hollywood," will run on the older OMAP 3 processor from Texas Instruments and feature 512MB of RAM. expects the device to launch in late September with estimated shipments of 3 million units by the end of the year. May be priced $199. Bill of materials estimated at $180
    • not including a camera, GPS, cover glass or 3G data functionality. Kuo also noted that the tablet will run an older version of Google's Android mobile operating system.
    • E-ink reader "Tequila", may cost as little as $99 and will feature a Freescale i.MX515 processor with an integrated controller that should provide better system design and lower cost.
    • E-ink "Whitney", will sport the same processor, while also including features missing on the Tequila, such as touch controls, 3G connectivity and a speaker. Arriving in October.
    • working on a 10.1-inch device, codenamed "Coyote," that will directly compete with Apple's iPad when it arrives in early 2012. The company is also reportedly preparing an 8.9-inch tablet with an ""amazing form factor"" for release in the second half of 2012
    • Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has detailed three new products expected to be announced at Amazon's media event on Wednesday.
  • BitTorrent offers tech to decongest ISPs' networks
    • BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker at the Broadband World Forum spoke about BitTorrent's Micro Transport Protocol, or μTP, an open-source technology that's built into the company's client software for sharing files over peer-to-peer connections.
    • μTP detects congestion earlier than TCP and steps out of the way when it discovers a problem, Klinker said.
    • TCP detects congestion based on lost packets
    • Micro TP was devised to automatically slow down the rate at which packets of data are transmitted between users of peer-to-peer file sharing torrents when it interferes with other applications.
    • open UDP-based variant of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol
    • µTP emerged from research at Internet2 on QoS and high-performance bulk transport
  • Nokia Ships N9: First, Maybe Last, MeeGo Smartphone
  • Don’t Count MeeGo Out Yet: Report Says Samsung, Others To Join Intel
    • Nokia shipping N9 with a retail pricetag of $560 for the 16GB version and $650 for the 64GB model.
    • 3.9-inch AMOLED screen, 8-megapixel, HD-quality video camera, (NFC) chip
    • only 24 countries the option to be informed once it becomes available. The list does not include the U.S., U.K., Japan, or India.
    • Intel is apparently gearing up to announce a MeeGo partnership with the Limo Foundation, whose members include Samsung, Panasonic and NEC.
    • news comes one day before Intel holds its annual developer event, Intel AppUp Elements, to be held in Seattle on September 28 and 29.

News Fuse



  • Reminder that Amazon's press event is tomorrow and we'll be covering it live at 7AM Pacific.


"Hi guys,

Regarding your discussion in Monday's program, my iPhone has been my radio ever since I got it (and I am a radio person, listening all the time). Maybe it's because you can't hear FM radio on the Stockholm subway, but it's had mobile coverage for years (everywhere in the system). No matter where I am I can switch between Swedish Radio, the BBC, and my favorite podcasts (and of course this is the great leveller, on my iPhone Twit and the BBC are the same).

This goes back perhaps to something you have mentioned before, anyone can toss together a blog, but what we've learned is that it is nice to have professionals choose and write the stories (you call this curating, I would call it editing). So as a Bay Area ex-pat, I don't want to look at a list of video stories, I want a nicely edited newscast. Just like I like the way you select and tell me about the tech news, structured and well-written.

Take care,

George Wood (aka radiowood)"

"Hey guys Brendan from PA

I was thinking about Amazon's approach to this tablet release. Right now everyone believe that this new Kindle is intended to compete with the iPad.

I believe all this new Kindle needs to do is just increase the Amazon experience and it will be successful by default. Everyone else is making tablets that are aimed at being an iPad killer. Amazon cannot do this just by making a tablet. All they need to do is make a device that compements their services witch are already really good.

If they try to make an iPad competitor I feel like they would be on the wrong track. They have already proved that the classic Kindle can do well in a tablet world. I think they are making a classic Amazon customer centric move with the keep it simple specs of the this coming device. That in itself is ironically Apple like.

Love you guy

Brendan out"



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