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Tech News Today
Episode 338

Tech News Today 338: The Lady Package

Amazon may win the browser war, Samsung falls in the patent wars, cable fakes a la carte cable, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Amazon Silk Browser
  • Amazon's Silk Web browser adds new twist to old idea
  • Amazon’s Silk is more than just a browser: it’s a cloud OS for the client
  • Amazon Silk: Weaving a new browser
    • Kindle Fire comes with Webkit based browser called Silk
    • "split browser" With EC2 providing part of the work: Silk can be run in “off-cloud” mode, where it functions like any other browser.
    • EC2 acts as a sort of cache plus proxy for browsing, and it also can dynamically take over parts of the page rendering pipeline from the client.
    • Uses aggregate behaviour to predict what next page may be and pre-render
    • EC2 has optical connections so can fetch elements faster. Also EC2 hosts much content already
    • Silk browser maintains a single persistent connection to Amazon's cloud (using Google's fast SPDY protocol) Depending on the amount of load on the client and the client’s network conditions, Silk can hand off most of the actual rendering pipeline to EC2."
    • collected usage data is anonymous and stored in aggregate, thus protecting user privacy. It's also possible to completely turn off the split browsing mode and use Silk like a conventional Web browser.
  • MeeGo is dead: Meet Tizen, another new open source OS based on Linux
  • MeeGo rebooted as Intel and Samsung launch new Tizen platform
    • The Linux Foundation will host the Tizen project, and Intel and Samsung will lead the development. Also joining the effort is the LiMo Foundation
    • LiMo Foundation, a dedicated consortium with shared leadership and decision making consisting of ACCESS, Panasonic Mobile, NEC Casio, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung, SK Telecom, Telefonica, and Vodafone.
    • HTML5 apps and support multiple device categories including tablets, handsets, smart TVs and in-vehicle entertainment.
    • MeeGo apps will be compatible on Tizen
    • Release targeted for Q1 2012, with first devices hitting the market mid year.
    • Tizen REPLACES Meego although Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, revealed in a blog entry that some existing MeeGo technologies will be adopted in Tizen.
    • Sort of confusing what happens to Meego. It may continue on life support alongside Tizen.

Discussion Stories

  • Secret memo reveals which telecoms store your data the longest
    • Justice Department internal memo reveals the data retention policies of America’s largest telecoms. Thanks to ACLU of North Carolina
    • “Retention Periods of Major Cellular Service Providers,” document, marked “Law Enforcement Use Only” and dated August 2010
    • guide for law enforcement agencies looking to get information—like customer IP addresses, call logs, text messages and web surfing habits—out of US telecom companies, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.
    • Verizon, for example, keeps a list of everyone you’ve exchanged text messages with for the past year, according to the document. But T-Mobile stores the same data up to five years. It’s 18 months for Sprint, and seven years for AT&T.
    • Verizon stores the content of text messages for five days, while T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint don’t store them at all.
    • Phones movement history Verizon keeps that data on a one-year rolling basis; T-Mobile for “a year or more;” Sprint up to two years, and AT&T indefinitely, from July 2008.
  • Cable Companies Changing Tune On 'A La Carte'
  • In switch, cable operators want to go "a la carte"
    • An "a la carte" menu of programing would give consumers who are not sports fans the freedom to drop high cost sports channels such as Walt Disney Co's ESPN and ESPN 2 from basic packages.
    • "We feel that some of those expensive channels should be offered a la carte so only those people who want to watch them actually pay for them," said Jerry Kent, chief executive of Suddenlink, which has 1.3 million cable customers.
    • Craig Moffett, a long-time cable analyst at Bernstein Research. "It could be a la carte, but not as people imagine it now," he said referring to smaller packs of programing more akin to what Time Warner Cable Inc has tried. Last November, Time Warner Cable launched a three-city trial of a low cost TV Essentials pack with fewer channels. It now plans to expand that offer to other cities.

News Fuse

Rumor Mill


  • HTC Rhyme, formerly the HTC Bliss, also known as the Plum Phone for the Ladiezz, coming tomorrow September 29th for $200 and a fashion-forward 2-year contract


"Dear TNT,

I thought it was funny on yesterday's show that you were discussing how getting rid of the iPod Classic would make the iPod icon on the iPhone out of date. What about the picture of the telephone icon? How often does anyone even use a phone that looks like that anymore? Are future children even going to have any idea what that picture means?

Perhaps we've culturally decided on what the iconic image of a telephone will forever be, regardless of how technology shapes the physical form of it. Perhaps we can argue that the iconic clickwheel iPod image will forever be the image of a "digital music player?"

Love the show!

-- -Ross"

"Subject: czesiu (reddit) pronunciation

Hear it here: It seems it's not possible to change the username on reddit:)

BTW, Czechoslovakia does not exist (since 1992!), split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. (fun fact: last time I whined in the chatroom about Leo mentioning Czechoslovakia, I've got told to educate myself and that it is a country outside US ;) )

-- Best Regards Paul, Poland"



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