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Tech News Today
Episode 341

Tech News Today 341: Alibaba And The 40 Percent

Rhapsody eats part of Napster, HTC Android security hole exposed, Alibaba might buy Yahoo!, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Rhapsody Buys Napster Subscribers from Best Buy
  • Rhapsody to acquire Napster
  • Rhapsody Is Acquiring Napster
    • Rhapsody is acquiring Napster’s subscribers and “certain other assets,” from Best Buy -- Best Buy gets a minority stake in Rhapsody
    • Rhapsody is acquiring Napster’s “robust IP portfolio.”
    • appears that current Napster subscribers will lose access to about two million songs. (Rhapsody 13 million Napster 15 million songs)
    • The deal is set to close around November 13.
    • Napster plans start at $5 a month Rhapsody $10
  • Security hole in HTC phones gives up e-mail addresses, location
  • HTC security vulnerability said to leak phone numbers, GPS data, and more, HTC responds (video)
    • Android Police reported a vulnerability in HTC's Sense UI
    • application package titled HTCLoggers.apk installed with root-level access. Apps with Internet permissions can access HTCLoggers.apk, which provides access to information like GPS data, WiFi network data, memory info, running processes, SMS data (including phone numbers and encoded text), and system logs that can include information like e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
    • a partial list: Thunderbolt, EVO 3D, EVO 4G, EVO Shift 4G) can delete HTCLoggers from their devices if they root the phones.
    • "HTC takes our customers' security very seriously, and we are working to investigate this claim as quickly as possible. We will provide an update as soon as we're able to determine the accuracy of the claim and what steps, if any, need to be taken."

Discussion Stories

  • Alibaba’s Jack Ma at Stanford: “We Are Very Interested” in Buying the “Whole” of Yahoo
    • a forum at Stanford University Friday afternoon Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO Jack Ma spoke
    • In answer to a direct question about whether his company was going to buy Yahoo “We are very interested in Yahoo. Our Alibaba group is important to Yahoo and Yahoo is important to us … All the serious buyers interested in Yahoo have talked to us.”
    • In response to a question from Kara Swisher, Ma said he wanted the “whole” company, but that the effort was complicated and included a number of players. Again, he said: “We are very, very interested.”
  • Oracle Modeling Itself on Apple?
  • There'll be nothing left of IBM once I'm done,' says Ellison
  • Larry Ellison Bills Oracle as the Apple of the Enterprise
    • Sunday keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld
    • Ellison conceded that for the past decade, IBM's Power line of processors set the standard for integer performance, but with the Sparc T4 processor, announced last week, Oracle has closed the gap considerably.
    • "We're better than IBM in Java, and we're going to beat them in integer arithmetic and then there will be nothing left," proclaimed Ellison, then started backing off a bit saying that if Oracle doesn't beat IBM's future Power chips on integer math, the company's chip designers would "be pretty close."
    • "We're faster for Java, Mister Blue," Ellison said, referring to the benchmark test shown above. "You're faster for integer arithmetic. If you think companies do a lot of arithmetic, cool. We think they access a lot of data and run a lot of Java."
    • "If you design the hardware and software in concert, you do a better job than if one company designs the operating system, another company comes up with the VM, another company comes up with the database…Apple, for example, is doing a pretty good job of designing hardware and software and online services that work well together."
  • Sprint scores iPhone 5 exclusive thanks to $20 billion deal with Apple?
    • The Tech Erra. found some code in iTunes 10.5 beta 9 indicating Apple could support rentals of apps
    • A few strings in the iTunes beta code appear to be pop-up messages to notify customers about the state of rented apps
    • "Apps are automatically removed from your iTunes library at the end of the rental period" and "This app will be deleted from your computer" are a couple of the included statements.
    • The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint has entered into an agreement with Apple to purchase over $20 billion worth of iPhones over the next four years — that’s around 30 million iPhones. It’s said that Sprint won’t even break even on the transaction until 2014
    • BGR reports some crazier rumours about Sprint getting a WiMax exclusive on the iPhone 5. Hard to swallow.

News Fuse






"On TNT 339, a caller questioned how much faster Silk's browsing will be, since your connection to EC2 will still be slow. You mentioned compression and caching, but I think the big speedup would be that you maintain a single connection to EC2, over which all your data is transmitted. This reduces the latency significantly, since instead of paying for high latency on every connection, you only pay once for a single connection, since Amazon's servers will all have very low latency connections.

Love the show, Marc"



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