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Tech News Today
Episode 343

Tech News Today 343: Zombie Zune!

Google and Samsung dockable Nexus tablet rumor, Comcast and Verizon come to Xbox, FCC wants to track you, and more.

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Top Stories

  • HP's Whitman: I'll decide PC biz fate this month
  • No more big software acquisitions for HP, CEO says
  • Michael Dell Advises Hewlett-Packard
    • At Fortune magazine's Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, Calif. Meg Whitman revealed her plans for HP's Personal Systems Group.
    • Whitman told the audience that she planned to make a call on the fate of the PC division, "much faster" than Leo Apotheker "by the end of October."
    • Speaking at the Oracle OpenWorld convention on Tuesday, Michael Dell said said that 5 percent of the world’s microprocessors go into servers and storage and 95 percent go into PCs
    • He seems to be defending why he (and by implication HP) should stay in the low-margin PC business.
    • "It's certainly the end of big acquisitions," said CEO Meg Whitman when asked about software acquisitions. "We have got to integrate Autonomy. We've got to make this acquisition work."

Discussion Stories

  • Samsung targets iPhone 4S in France, Italy
    • Samsung said that it is filing requests for preliminary injunctions both in Paris and in Milan, Italy, asking the courts to ban the sale of the new iPhone.
    • Samsung plans to accuse Apple of two patent infringements related to wireless technology, specifically the Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) standard used on 3G phones.
    • Samsung added that it plans to file injunctions against the new iPhone in other countries
  • FCC Wants GPS In Every Phone By 2018
    • Federal Communications Commission last week proposed that all cell phones be GPS-enabled by 2018—and that covers phone providers and VoIP services.
    • According to the FCC document, a company would technically be compliant if at least 85 percent of its users had GPS-enabled devices.
    • Cellular networks already are required to provide the location of 911 calls using either GPS enabled handsets or by triangulating the caller's location using cellular
  • Judge suggests DMCA allows DVD ripping if you own the DVD
    • federal judge dismissed a lawsuit charging UCLA with violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other provisions of copyright law by ripping DVDs and streaming them to students.
    • The lawsuit was brought by a trade association of educational video publishers called the Association for Information Media and Equipment (AIME), and one of its members, Ambrose Video Publishing. The plaintiffs allege that around January 2006, UCLA purchased video streaming software that included a DVD-ripping capability, and began streaming DVDs it had purchased to members of the UCLA community.
    • UCLA argued fair use under educational reasons
    • Judge Consuelo B. Marshall: "The type of access that students and/or faculty may have, whether overseas or at a coffee shop, does not take the viewing of the DVD out of the educational context,"
    • Re: DMCA Judge Marshall seems to have accepted UCLA's argument that its lawful purchase of the DVD meant it couldn't have run afoul of the circumvention provision, but he didn't spell out his reasoning. He then ruled that merely purchasing DVD-ripping software didn't constitute "trafficking" in the software.
    • The decision is likely to be appealed to the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

News Fuse





"I remember when I heard about Siri when Apple acquired the company, that it even understood some drunk speak.. ""Take me drunk, I'm home"" i think was the example used.. I thought Apple would showcase that too.. but then remembered the last thing apple wants to do is talk about drinking, what with iPhones being lost in bars and all that.. :) Love the show Harysh from India"

"Hey TNT crew,

Tom, you can actually pin any folder, including 'Computer' to the Windows 8 Metro start menu. I, like you, need that icon to search through my three hard drives, so I pinned it right to the front page of my PC. Hope that helps!

Marty from Ontario, Canada"



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