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Tech News Today
Episode 345

Tech News Today 345: Piracy Of Mouth

Sprint goes LTE, Samsung postpones Nexus announcement, Malware takes down US drones, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet
    • A keylogger has infected the systems used to control unmanned drones flown by AF pilots from Creech Air Force Base in Nevada
    • AF techs first followed Kaspersky instructions for removing the malware, but it kept coming back
    • Eventually they used BCWipe to completely erase internal hard drives then rebuild from scratch
    • Malware was first detected two weeks ago by the military’s Host-Based Security System
    • Does not seem to be doing any harm, may be common malware."

Discussion Stories

  • Removal of restrictions can decrease music piracy
    • Marketing professors Dinah Vernik of Rice and Devavrat Purohit and Preyas Desai of Duke used analytical modeling to examine how piracy is influenced by the presence or absence of DRM restrictions.
    • restrictions make piracy more costly and difficult, the restrictions also have a negative impact on legal users
    • the study shows that piracy can actually decrease when a company allows restriction-free downloads.
    • "By analyzing the competition among the traditional retailer, the digital retailer and pirated music, we get a better understanding of the competitive forces in the market."
    • "Decreased piracy doesn't guarantee increased profits," Purohit said. "In fact, our analysis demonstrates that under some conditions, one can observe lower levels of piracy and lower profits. "

News Fuse





"JK pointed out he could access FB on his Kindle web-browser, even from China.

When on 3G, the Kindle proxies web requests. I found this out by accident during a recent visit to Tenerife, where Amazon 3G web traffic is routed through to Ireland. I had to jump through extra security hoops on the Facebook website, confirming I was in Ireland (even though I wasn't) before it would let me in!

Great show blah blah etc. etc.!


"Hi Tom & Co For all your UK followers could you, just once, pronounce Nokia as N-okia Thanks Mike R"



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