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Tech News Today
Episode 348

Tech News Today 348: Swiss Arm-e Hand

Sony hacked again, RIM down, iOS 5 causing havoc, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Sony to recall 1.6 million Bravia HDTVs due to possibility of fire
    • Sony has begun recalling 1.6 million Bravias due to a faulty component in the backlight systems.
    • Sony spokesperson Yuki Shima told Bloomberg that the recall was occasioned by 11 incidents of smoking or burning TVs in Japan since 2008
    • Owners of affected models should conctact Sony. Repair technicicans will visit. If your TV has the a faulty transformer it will be repaired.
    • Owners will not receive refunds or replacements, however they may receive rental TVs if the customer will go without a TV during the repair.

Discussion Stories

  • eBay Set to Outline Its Future, and It Looks Nothing Like Amazon
  • eBay CEO: We're at an 'inflection point' in commerce
  • X.Commerce: eBay To Debut New Payments Identity Technology PayPal Access; Milo Opens Up API
  • eBay to announce PayPal Access, deepen ties with Facebook
    • eBay’s developer conference in San Francisco
    • PayPal Access will turn the PayPal system into a login credentials platform
    • X.commerce will enable developers to use the tools to build applications for retailers who are looking to have a larger presence on social networks, online and on mobile phones.
    • Tying together Milo (online database of offline inventory) and Red Laser (barcode scanning - scan a barcode, and the app will tell you if its available in a local store or on eBay, and let you pay for it (either in the store or on eBay) in the app via PayPal.) --
    • The service it builds will be aimed at developers, who will in turn own the relationship with the merchants.
    • Adobe, Facebook and Kenshoo have all created experiences and APIs for developers to integrate into their applications relating to online shopping, mobile, and local components.
    • Magento, via the X.commerce platform, will be launching an app store for Magento extensions. Developers can create applications on top of Magento, and retailers can use this functionality in their online storefronts via the app store
  • RSA details March cyberattack, blames "nation state" for SecurID breach
    • At EMC's RSA Conference Europe in London today, RSA executives shared more details on the cyber attack that stole information on the company's SecurID authentication tokens in March.
    • RSA executive chairman Arthur Noviello said 2 separate hacker groups worked in collaboration with a foreign government,
    • no customers' networks were breached as a result of the SecurID data stolen.
    • RSA's chief security officer Eddie Schwartz said the data was used in only one attack on a customer, and that attack was unsuccessful.

News Fuse



  • Motorola Xoom 4G LTE new tablets go on sale tomorrow 10/13
  • reminder that for all of you who didn't pre-order the iPhone 4S, they go on sale at Apple stores, Verizon stores, ATT stores, aaaaand Sprint stores this Friday 10/14


"Hey, Tom and the gang Yesterday I received my copy of Horrible Bosses (excellent movie) and quickly followed the instructions to create an Ultraviolet (makes me think of Clockwork Orange) and Flixster account. As instructed, I downloaded the Flixster App to my Nexus S, logged in using my Flixster account and what do I find...nothing. No movie to watch. I scoured both Flixster's and Ultraviolet's websites to no avail. Just like DRM, this process isn't cumbersome at all...

Keep up the great work, Jim Jackson of the Quad-Cities (because few know where Bettendorf, IA is located.) Go Hawkeyes!"

"I think a big market will be ""print your own statues"" (that you can optionally paint by hand like some of us used to do with model airplanes and D&D figurines).

  • Maquettes for creatures used in movies like "Lord of the Rings"
  • a 3D scan of a girl (the new centerfold)
  • a 3D model of a room, person, or setting generated by Autodesk's Photofly
  • 3D models that only lived in a computer (any 3D software)
  • a 3D version of your "We Rule" kingdom (more money for Zynga and ngmoco)

You buy the model from an online ""app store"" for 3D models, print them, (optionally) paint them, display them. They will initially be small, but I think it would make a great hobby market initially, and we all know how much money we spend on our hobbies.




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