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Tech News Today
Episode 352

Tech News Today 352: Scrolling Stalker

RIM tries to fire up developers, Motorola tries scoop ice cream sandwich and Apple disappoints by setting records, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • Dropbox scores $250 million in funding
  • Apple tried to buy Dropbox
  • Dropbox CEO: We’ll integrate with everything
    • Dropbox just received $250 million in funding
    • plans to rapidly build up its operations, increase internal staffing, make some acquisitions, and look for new business partners.
    • 2 gigabytes of storage for free, a 50GB plan for $9.99 a month, and a 100GB plan for $19.99 a month.
    • Dropbox has been dubbed "tech's hottest startup" by Forbes, which is offering an inside look at the company in its latest issue.
    • Houston recalled how he had met with Steve Jobs in December 2009 to demo his product for the late Apple leader. But in a turnabout, Jobs told Houston that Dropbox was a feature, not a product, and that he was going after their market. Less than two years later, Apple unveiled iCloud.
  • Frequent Facebook Users Not As Worried About Privacy
  • Teens Weigh-In On Facebook Changes
  • Facebook Is Building Shadow Profiles of Non-Users
    • poll by USA Today and Gallup of more than 2,000 adults
    • 26 percent of respondents who use Facebook daily are ""very concerned"" about privacy, compared with 35 percent for weekly Facebook users and 39 percent for people who use Facebook less often.
    • 56 percent of respondents saying they dislike the new features, and 36 percent approving.
    • According to a survey from GrownUpThinking (marketing agency) teens are openly and seriously considering spending less time on Facebook as a direct result of the recent changes. Only 4% of teens plan to spend more time on Facebook.
    • 25% of teens will be using Facebook less and Google+ more
    • Max Schrems of Europe Versus Facebook has filed complaint about 'shadow profiles' -- 'This is done by different functions that encourage users to hand personal data of other users and non-users to Facebook"
  • It's official: to protect baby's brain, turn off the TV
    • Until children turn 2 TV is just a glowy light
    • TV can lull infants to sleep, but at cost of sleep irregularities
    • Replaces talk time with adults, retarding development
    • link between increased TV time and developmental delays
    • distracts babies from play, an activity that is known to have deep developmental benefits. ----Too early to tell on iPads and interactive screens

News Fuse



  • Nintendo's got a birthday, more specifically the North American birthday - it was this day in 1985 that the NES was released in NY's FAO Schwarz
  • Tonight, Samsung and Google have their big Ice Cream Sandwich event. JASON Howell, EILEEN Rivera RON Richards and special guest GINA Trapani cover it live bringing you the story behind the story BEHIND even those two stories with incisive cutting edge coverage. Join them 7 PM Pacific right here on TWIT.
  • The AsiaD Conference starts tomorrow and runs until the 21st



"I have feedback on the caller complaining about the iPad music app on iOS 5. There are a number of podcast applications in the App Store, I recommend using a universal app called "iCatcher". Sarah mentioned the "downcast" application but in my opinion (I own both apps), iCatcher is a better application in my opinion, I use it to listen to the majority of the TWIT shows.

Thank you for reading love the show - Tom"

"Dear TNT,

I was very interested to hear this story about Amazon's mailbox lockers because I've been in a long battle with Amazon about my PO Box. I say "battle" but I'm sure it's not hardly on Amazon's radar, so it's a one-sided battle.

Here's the problem. I have a PO Box. That's where my postal mail is delivered. The mailman does not come to my house. The UPS man and FedEx DO come to my house.

Some items "can't be delivered to PO Boxes." Their website software will NOT let you put a PO box in the address, even if a street address is also present. But that's not the end of the story. A healthy majority of the items that "cannot be delivered to a PO Box" are then sent via the postal service.

I live almost a 4 hour drive from NY city, so hopefully these Amazon boxes will spring up across the country soon.


"Hey news team,

My wife is a product manager for OPOWER and Tom is exactly right. Their research found that people don't care about how much money they save by being energy efficient, but when you show them how much their neighbors use (or in this case, their Facebook friends) it actually motivates them to lower their energy usage.

And it's called "Oh" "Power" not "Op" "Ower" or whatever you guys said. :-D Cheers!



Ford Sync

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