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Tech News Today
Episode 353

Tech News Today 353: Generally Satisfied

Ice Cream Sandwich, Andy Rubin and Steve Ballmer quotes galore, why Silk is safe, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • Microsoft’s Ballmer: ‘Lucky’ To Not Own Yahoo; Nokia WP7 Devices Next Week
    • Steve Ballmer spoke to John Batelle at the closing event of the second day of Web 2.0
    • Ballmer also told attendees that Nokia plans to launch “new devices running Windows Phone” next week at Nokia World
    • Social strategy is through core products like Xbox and Skype
    • “You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows Phone, but I think you do to use Android,”
    • “You ask any CEO who might have bought something before the market crashed in 2008, ‘would you be glad that you didn’t buy something?’‘Hallelujah. Sometimes, you get lucky.”
  • Variation on Mac trojan disables built-in OS X malware protections
    • Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.C, was discovered by researchers at F-Secure
    • variation on the Mac trojan discovered in September that poses as a Flash Player installer, OSX/Flashback.A.
    • disables Apple's automatic updating mechanism, Xprotect
    • Apple added basic malware protections into Mac OS X in 2009 as part of 10.6 Snow Leopard,
    • Ars Technica "Flashback.C decrypts the paths within XProtectUpdater and proceeds to unload the XProtectUpdater daemon. After that, the malware overwrites the files with an empty space, decimating key files that XProtect needs in order to receive regular updates from Apple."
    • Two ways to remove Flashback.C
  • EFF: "We are generally satisfied with the privacy design of Silk"
  • EFF Gets Straight Privacy Answers From Amazon About New "Silk" Tablet Browser
    • EFF "generally satisfied" with Amazon's privacy policies for Silk
    • First and best is you can turn off cloud acceleration mode
    • According to Jon Jenkins, director of Silk development, “secure web page requests (SSL) are routed directly from the Kindle Fire to the origin server and do not pass through Amazon’s EC2 servers.”
    • Only logs 3 pieces of info per request, URL, timestamp, token (session only) expires in 30 days
    • the persistent SPDY connection between the user’s tablet and Amazon’s servers is always encrypted. Accordingly, if you are using your tablet on an open Wifi network, other users on that network will not be able to spy on your browsing behavior.
    • Some incidental info might be stored in URLs, data might attract law enforcement

News Fuse





"Hi there Tom, Sarah, Iyaz, Jason and <insert guest name here>

About the $100 in free Apps that Blackberry will be giving everyone affected by the blackout, I think it is quite a good deal.

Here is why: Our BIS service costs 69 Rands (about $8) here in South Africa, which equates to about 2 Rands (about 25 US cents) per day. So getting $100 (about 800 Rands) in apps sounds like a good deal to me, much better than giving us a months free service.

Also, the operators here in South Africa compensated us with free airtime and free SMSes, which makes it even more appealing.

Just my 2 cents (South African cents).

Love the show!


Samuel Kock -- Pretoria, South Africa"

"Hello TNT crew,

In a recent show you guys discussed the Forbes article regarding Apple wanting to buy Dropbox and Dropbox refusing to sell. After hearing that I remember thinking that I heard this same story over a month ago but I couldn't figure out where,and then it hit me. Over a month a TNT reddit subscriber posted this same story, well ahead of Forbes i might add.

So I want to give kudos this person and all TNT reddit people for scooping Forbes and posting great articles on a daily basis.

Thanks for an awesome show

Tracy in New Orleans"



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