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Tech News Today
Episode 363

Tech News Today 363: A Big Pile Of Yahoo!

3 inexplicable product launches from Yahoo (Livestand) Google (Gmail) And RIM (BBM Music), and more.

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  • Placeholder for Yahoo announcements
  • Share your TV habits with Yahoo's IntoNow app, now on the iPad
  • Yahoo Product Runway: Livestand And IntoNow
  • Yahoo's official release
  • Yahoo Mail for iPad
  • Yahoo's Investor Pitch
    • Yahoo's Product Runway --- At the same time Yahoo Inc. is pitching private-equity firms on an arrangement in which they could take a minority stake in the Internet company while effectively gaining control
    • Livestand, a personalized news reader that is similar to Flipboard,available in iOS app store now. Spun as publishing platform like Facebook. “personalized living magazine.”
    • Chief Product Officer Blake Irving “This is the way Web pages are going to look,” Living ads that have more interactivity (tap the jeans to buy the jeans)
    • Cocktails: developer tool called Yahoo! Mojito and Yahoo! Manhattan, which is a hosting service. Both wil open source in 2012
    • Mike Kerns, VP of Personalization & Social: content optimization relevance engine::
    • IntoNow updated, TV indexing lets you share viewing experience - use the close caption feed to search the Web and surface relevant articles, available for iPhone, Android and iPad. Yahoo bought IntoNow in April
    • Yahoo Mail refresh for iPad, new welcome page. Left pane with inbox, conversations, drafts, etc. Right pane: tiles with news stories, weather, time

"Hi TNT-Team!

My name is Ben Miller and im running the former austrian Apple-related weblog

Today i reported, as many other sites too, about Googles GMAIL App. Google calls this app "GMAIL" in the german and austrian AppStores.

So i reported about the Google app named "GMAIL". Shortly after i published my article i got an email from my project manager that i have to immediately DELETE all references to the name "GMAIL" else we will face an Injunction.

Simply said: I was not allowed to call the app by its name because Google is not the owner of the brand "gmail" in Germany.

But that's not the problem. The problem is that Google published a product and I have to face injunctions because i write about the app and its name. Is it my job to check every app-name with the local patent-office?

I just want to let you know that Google will be problems in Germany because of choosing the name GMAIL as its app-name.

Love you guys, never miss a show, keep up the fantastic work

Ben Miller (benm im chat)"

  • Grand Theft Auto V trailer is revealed by Rockstar
  • Trailer
    • Rockstar Games has revealed the fifth generation of its Grand Theft Auto series will be set in a city based on Los Angeles.
    • Still no release date.
    • one analyst said it could be the first title in the series to generate over $1bn (£627m) in sales.
    • main character is a retired criminal who has moved to the city to enjoy its warmer climate

Discussion Stories

  • BBM Music now rocking BlackBerry App World (video)
  • BBM Music streaming service available today
    • BBM Music in the BlackBerry App World today for Canada, Australia, US
    • lets BlackBerry owners add 50 songs from a choice of millions and harnesses the social networking capabilities of BBM, giving Premium users access to music from their friends' music profiles.
    • Can only swap 25 songs a month
    • $4.99 a month, Canada and US get first 2 months free, Australia 1 month free
    • Free users can still listen to 30 second previews, and anyone can purchase their favorite songs, but are kicked over to the Amazon MP3 Store app to do so.
  • Socialbots' steal 250GB of user data in Facebook invasion
  • Socialbots used by researchers to 'steal' Facebook data
    • University of British Columbia Vancouver said in the paper (PDF), titled "The Socialbot Network: When bots socialize for fame and money." that 250GB of data was stolen by "socialbots"
    • the bots sent connection requests to 3,517 Facebook friends of users who accepted requests during the first phase. Of those, 2,079 users, or about 59 percent, accepted the second round of requests
    • The increase was due to what researchers called the ""triadic closure principle,"" which predicts that if two users had a mutual friend in common, they were three times more likely to become connected.
    • Only 20 percent of the socialbots were blocked by FIS, and that was only because users flagged the accounts as spam.
    • Facebook: ""We have serious concerns about the methodology of the research by the University of British Columbia and we will be putting these concerns to them. In addition, as always, we encourage people to only connect with people they actually know and report any suspicious behavior they observe on the site."
    • 102 "socialbots" researchers released onto the social network included a name and profile picture of a fictitious Facebook user and were capable of posting messages and sending friend requests. They then used these bots to send friend requests to 5,053 randomly selected Facebook users. Each account was limited to sending 25 requests per day to prevent triggering anti-fraud measures. During that initial two-week "bootstrapping" phase, 976 requests, or about 19 percent, were accepted.

News Fuse





"I am behind in episodes and catching up, so apologies if you've already gotten this. You mentioned that alternative DNS systems might be springing up in the wake of the IP act that is going through the house. Luckily, at least one system is already setup and has started with Namecoin. Namecoin is an offshoot of the Bitcoin system that uses a transaction chain to hold information about who controls a domain name, and then that owner can put orders into the blockchain for the DNS. Right now it requires a Firefox addon to use and only supports .bit addresses, but could be expanded to more. The best part is that the only cost is to reserve a domain name, all renewals are free, as long as you put in a command at least once every 90 days to say that you still want the domain.

If the Internet is shut down or regulated to the point where it isn't open, we're already creating systems to deal with that.


"Hey Gang, Saw this on the way to Abilene this morning. I was going to investigate but, well, I was kind of in a hurry and, really, it didn't seem like that big of a deal. Of course I can always wait until one of my friends check it out. ;-)

Regards, Vic the Texas Rancher/ Pilot"



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