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Tech News Today
Episode 364

Tech News Today 364: The New Spitproof Motorola Xoom

Amazon is now a library, piracy not doing a thing to dent media, RIM worth less than parts, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Motorola Xoom 2: Second time's the charm?
  • Motorola Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition official, hitting the UK and Ireland in mid-November
    • New Xoom 2s coming to UK and Ireland mid-November - £329.99 ($528) in Media Edition flavor and £379.99 ($609) for the standard Xoom 2
    • 10-inch - The edges have been designed with a flattened edge that's supposed to make the tablet easier to hold, preloaded with VPN and data encryption support, activeSync USB and ethernet
    • 8.2-inch "Media Edition" - 178-degree viewing angle, virtual surround
    • dual-core 1.2 GHz processors, run Android 3.2 Honeycomb, and offer Wi-Fi connectivity, .3-megapixel camera in front and a 5-megapixel camera on the back, both with digital zoom, auto focus, and LED flash. gigabyte of RAM and 16GB of storage, MotoCast
    • Carphone Warehouse in the U.K. and Ireland, as well as Best Buy, PC World, Dixons, and Currys in the U.K.
    • "Splash-guard" coating

Discussion Stories

  • ‘Wounded Puppy’ RIM Trails Book Value
    • Bloomberg reports RIM fell below book value ($18.92 a share)
    • worth less than the net value of its property, patents and other assets
    • $18.37 at 10:27 a.m. New York time
    • Back above $19 at 12.
    • John Goldsmith, a money manager with Montrusco in Toronto says book value may inflate patent worth.
    • RIM last traded below book value in 2002
  • Barrett Brown Says Anonymous Attack on Drug Cartels Still Alive
  • Barrett Brown is Anonymous
  • "Face" of Anonymous quits -- exclusive interview with Barrett Brown
  • Why Brown would make the video unmasked
    • Barrett Brown, writer and oft-times informal spokesperson for Anonymous Ops posted a YouTube video explaining that some Anon members will carry out #OpCartel after a vote.
    • "The fact of the matter is that this operation is going ahead whether or not I get involved," Barrett Brown said in the video (below).
    • When asked why he made a video in which he showed his face and directly challenged a cartel, Brown said it was "because I was asked to do so by several Mexicans who are risking their lives for this, too."
    • Brown tweeted this morning that the data includes the name of a U.S. district attorney who allegedly cooperated with the Zetas.
    • Anonymous has threatened to release data about members of Zeta, as well as those who cooperate with the cartel, unless they release a member of Anonymous who was allegedly kidnapped during a recent protest in Veracruz.

News Fuse


  • Lomokino ‘Video’ Camera Shoots Lo-Fi Movies on Film
    • Lomokino, a 35mm movie camera with a low framerate and non-full-frame capture, fits 144 frames onto a single 36-exposure roll, giving the film a very old-school, light leaky and retro feel.
    • You need a Lomokinoscope to view the film, handcranked of course.
    • The camera is $79, and the camera and viewer bundle is $99.




"Grand Theft Auto "started" in Liberty City (a fake New York City), but the first game way back in the 1990s also swung through Vice City (fake Miami) and San Andreas (fake Los Angeles).

-Andrew Scagnell"

"Hey TNT crew!

It was announced this week that the CRTC here in Canada is making Rogers test the viability and popularity of an a la carte TV model, and they’re going to be testing it here in my home of London Ontario! It starts November 8th and will run until March.

I’m definitely going to sign up, since right now our household is paying Rogers $130+ per month for our cable/Internet package and we have plenty of channels we don’t want and are missing some we’d like that are bundled in with ones we dislike. With this we’d pay a $20 base price for our basic channels, and then another $26 for 15 extra channels of our choice, then incrementally more if we’d like more channels.

I really hope that this goes well here in London, as Rogers is probably hoping the opposite happens so that they can tell the CRTC that consumers didn’t want it. That would suck.

Amy London Ontario"



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