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Tech News Today
Episode 365

Tech News Today 365: Give Us Your Shoes!

Microsoft fixes Duqu, breaks fonts, Nook details leak like a big hole in the floor, Google gets into Cable TV biz, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Microsoft pushes out emergency fix to block Duqu zero-day exploit
  • Microsoft offers temporary fix for Duqu malware exploit
    • Microsoft released a workaround to block a Windows kernel vulnerability recently found to be exploited by the installer for the Duqu virus. Calls the vulnerability risk limited.
    • The attack, discovered by Hungarian researchers, exploits a vulnerability in Windows' TrueType font engine.
    • Microsoft recommends shutting off access to T2EMBED.DLL, the dynamic link library that allows applications to display TrueType fonts. While the fix will prevent attacks, it also means that fonts won't display properly in applications.
    • A full fix for the problem is still pending, and will not be part of Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" fixes for November.
    • Workaround available by app here:
  • 8.9-inch Kindle Fire coming next, not 10.1?
    • B&N Nook announcement (coming Monday) leaks like a sieve
    • Engadget: Nook Tablet comes Nov. 16th for $249 twice the RAM and twice the storage of Kindle Fire Pre-order Nov. 7
    • "everything the Nook Color [does] + the best in HD entertainment."
    • Android Central: Nook Color dropping to $199 but it will also be getting Hulu Plus, Rhapsody, MOG, and Grooveshark apps via a 1.4 software update
    • Engadget: Nook Simple Touch falls to $99

Discussion Stories

  • Google Ponders Pay-TV Business
  • Google mulling plan to offer pay TV services?
  • WSJ: Google considers offering paid TV services to internet customers
  • Wait a Minute. Does Google Really Want to Be a Cable Guy?
    • according to The Wall Street Journal, now Google might be thinking about ways to expand that into pay video and telephone services.
    • Google has looked at ways to expand a previously announced project to build a high-speed Internet service in Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., adding video and phone service
    • As a result, Google has discussed distributing major TV channels from companies like Walt Disney Co., Time Warner Inc. and Discovery Communications Inc. as part of the video service, though the discussions were exploratory and no final decisions have been made.
    • Google has reportedly hired cable TV executive Jeremy Stern to lead talks
    • Sanford Bernstein analysts Craig Moffett and Carlos Kirjner 1. adds to their status in promoting net neutrality. 2. a laboratory for Google to learn about technology and consumer behavior 3. opportunity for Google to learn about the economics of deploying and running infrastructure
  • Apple Headed for 60 Percent of Handset Industry Operating Profits
  • Apple's Supply-Chain Secret? Hoard Lasers
    • Apple generating a disproportionate share of the cash in smartphones.
    • In third quarter Apple generated 52 percent of the operating profits, according to Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley. with only a 4.2 percent global handset unit market share.
    • All the cash Apple has gives it a huge advantage in the manufacturing market.
    • That mentality—spend exorbitantly wherever necessary, and reap the benefits from greater volume in the long run—is institutionalized throughout Apple’s supply chain, and begins at the design stage.

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"Hello again. Just a quick comment for y'all on the ARM servers and virtualization. The idea of having a higher number of lower powered chips is exciting to me because it would allow me to have more precise control over my virtual servers by assigning the precise amount of cores/chips that I want, instead of having to give it an entire core, which is more power than a DHCP server or a dumb storage file host needs. Thanks for the show, keep it up,


"Just listened to yesterday's TNT and what do my wondering ears hear? Eula! As the IT Manager of a small company near Houston (I telecommute), I listen to a slew of programs from TWiT. I listen to TNT every day and was proud to see my small community on your show. I may live in the sticks but technology inspires me every day. I look out the window across the wheat fields and dream of ways to use today's technology to solve country problems.

Thanks for the wonderful show! Mikel Cranfill

"I am from the wonderful town of Eula, Texas... Well, ok its not really a town. There is no post office or town hall or much of anything but a convenience store, school and farm land. However we do have a few techies here that love TNT and Twit. So please keep up the great work and if you need anything from Eula TX let us know.

I think we should setup a nerd landmark or travel destination in Eula. Like a BIG E.U.L.A billboard the geeks can sign. Come to Eula and sign your E.U.L.A.! --

Thanks Cory Cranfill"



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