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Tech News Today
Episode 369

Tech News Today 369: Tom's SOPA-box

Facebook forced to go opt-in, Senate protects FCC's net neutrality guidelines, Warner Bros. abuses the DMCA, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Facebook, FTC Near Privacy Settlement
    • proposed settlement – which is awaiting final approval from the agency commissioners – would require Facebook to obtain "express affirmative consent" if Facebook makes "material retroactive changes," some of the people said.
    • The agreement would require Facebook to submit to independent privacy audits for 20 years,
    • Existing privacy settings will be left intact
    • The settlement stems from an investigation that dates to December 2009, when Facebook changed its privacy settings. At the time, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the changes as a "simpler model for privacy control."
    • WSJ: The proposed settlement – which is awaiting final approval from the agency commissioners – would require Facebook to obtain "express affirmative consent" if Facebook makes "material retroactive changes," some of the people said.
  • Senate blocks bill to overturn net neutrality guidelines
  • Republican Bid to Kill Internet Openness Rules Fails
  • Net Neutrality Rules
    • Senate voted on S.J. Res 6 ("Disapproval of Federal Communications Commission Rule Regulating the Internet and Broadband Industry Practices") House bill to roll back FCC guidelines. 42-56.
    • Rules go into effect Nov. 20
    • The rules are very similar to ones put in place in 2005. Those rules were obviated when Comcast won a court case over the FCC ordering them to stop interfering with Bittorrent protocol.
    • Verizon has already sued the FCC over the new rules in a case being heard by the same court that overturned the last set of rules.
    • The actual Guidelines
      • transparency: fixed and mobile broadband providers must disclose the network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms of their broadband services.
      • no blocking: fixed broadband providers may not block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices; mobile broadband providers may not block lawful websites, or block applications that compete with their voice or video telephony services.
      • no unreasonable discrimination: fixed broadband providers may not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic.

Discussion Stories

  • US dismantles 'massive' cyber crime syndicate
  • 7 Charged with Using Malware to Rack Up $14M in Fake Ad Revenue
  • FBI tackles DNSChanger malware scam
    • DNSChanger is a Trojan horse that was distributed in many forms, and when installed it actively changes the infected system's DNS settings to rogue servers that redirect legitimate searches and URLs to malicious Web sites
    • Discovered in 2007, Mac version found 2008, infected over 4 million computers, stolen $14 million
    • FBI Operation Ghost Click, Tuesday arrested six Estonian nationals. 1 additional Russian suspect - Audrey Taame- indicted but not caught.
    • The defendants are being charged with 27 counts of wire fraud, conspiracy, money laundering, and computer-related crimes. The most serious charges, wire fraud and money laundering, carry a maximum punishment of 30 years in prison.
    • To check your system, check your IP address and compare it to the address on the FBI list. WE made a address:
  • Everybody's talking about NY Times article about Larry Page
  • Larry Page: He's focused! He's busy! He's in charge!
  • NY Times article Google’s Chief Works to Trim a Bloated Ship
    • in one of his first companywide memos after he took the job, he decreed that hourlong meetings must allow time for a bathroom break in between.
    • Former Google exec. "Larry is much more willing to make an O.K. decision and make it now, rather than a perfect decision later"
    • Mr. Page remains popular among the rank and file, not the least because he has “geek street cred,” another employee said.
    • at one time fired his secretary because he hated being scheduled for meetings. Tried to reduce reliane on email.
    • At a recent conference, Page named the biggest threat to his company: "Google."
  • Warner Bros: we issued takedowns for files we never saw, didn't own copyright to
    • In a Monday court filing, Warner Brothers admitted that it has issued takedown notices for files without looking at them first.
    • The studio also acknowledged that it issued takedown notices for a number of URLs that its adversary, the locker site Hotfile, says were obviously not Warner Brothers' content.
    • Hotfile is accused of facilitating copyright infringement.
    • Hotfile has also tried to turn the tables by arguing that one of the studios, Warner Brothers, has itself violated the DMCA by issuing bogus takedown requests.
    • Hotfile described how it provided Warner Brothers with an automated takedown tool. Claims Warner Bros. abused the tool.
    • Warner Brothers sought the removal of an audiobook called "Cancer: Out Of The Box" and a BBC production of "The Box that Saved Britain." Because they were looking for any file name with the term "box" in it. They own the copyright on a movie called "The Box" the most popular file removed by Warner Brothers was a free software title that had been uploaded to Hotfile by its publisher.
    • Warner Brothers also sought the removal of the file with the URL " and give them the details of where the link was posted and the link and they will deal with the @sshole who posted the fake.""
  • DMCA requires a copyright holder issuing a takedown notice to state that it has a "good faith belief that the use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law."

News Fuse



  • Apple iPhone 4S to Launch in 15 More Countries on Nov. 11
  • Also Minecraft to exit beta tomorrow Nov. 11




"Hello TNT Crew,

Long time listener, first time writer...

I think that you were a bit too dismissive of Republic Wireless; or at least their concept. We should be championing new market strategies that foster competition.

I think that their idea is great. I am the type of person who doesn't talk or text much, and I'm usually on wifi. However, I pay AT&T over $50 a month for their basic plan that has essentially the same talk, text and data limits that Republic Wireless is offering. So, they would save me $30 per month, and I would get the unlimited minutes (if I needed them) when I'm on wifi.

That said, I'm sure that they could improve on their concept to meet the needs of people who want more cellular data. Perhaps they will come up with a reasonable tiered pricing structure that fits into whatever they are paying Sprint on the back end.

I wish Republic Wireless success in shaking up the wireless market, and I will consider switching when my current plan expires.

Jesse, from Madison Wisconsin"

"Hello TNT Peoples,

Maybe Apple dislikes Charlie Miller because every year at CanSecWest Pwn2Own he cracks Safari on OSX in a matter seconds. He was also quoted as comparing hacking Safari on OSX to ""opening a can of cat food"".

Just a thought.

- John R. Perfect"

"I think there's this perception out there that Adobe dislikes HTML, and that yesterday was somehow a bitter concession. As someone inside the company, I can tell you that there are a lot of us who are very excited about what we can [do] with HTML5.

Personally, I've been researching and working on HTML projects for quite some time at Adobe, and I've been working with a lot of very smart people who are as passionate about it as I am. There are definitely people out there (both inside Adobe and outside) who are passionate just about Flash, but I think it's more accurate to say that the overwhelming majority of us are simply passionate about the web, and about building awesome experiences.

Flash has always been about providing functionality that HTML couldn't, however now that HTML5 can provide a lot of that functionality, we're going to have a lot of fun seeing what we can do with it.




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