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Tech News Today
Episode 372

Tech News Today 372: That Was Just Ballmer Talking

Facebook attacked by porn, Did Ballmer say Windows 8 will run on Windows Phones? Google leads fight against SOPA, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Kindle Fire arrives
  • Some B&N stores already selling NOOK Tablets
  • Yes, You Can Install the Nook App on a Kindle Fire (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Kindle Fire tear-down by iFixit in progress
  • AT&T to sell Kindle Touch 3G
    • Kindle Fires randomly arriving. Some got them today some didn't. ON sale at retail.
    • Under the settings section labeled “Device,” there is an option that says “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources.”
    • Mashable was able to use GetJar. Picked an Android 2.3 device. Some apps redirected to Amazon store, some didn't work at all, but some did.
    • One that worked was the Barnes and Noble Nook
    • One area store lists unavailable at Best Buy, but the rest say ""In Store Only"" but list as available.
    • Starting next week, AT&T said it will sell the 3G version of the Kindle Touch e-reader, one of three new e-readers recently announced by Amazon. The Kindle Touch offers a new touch screen. AT&T will charge $149 for the device, the same price as
    • Reports that some people may have gotten the Nook Tablet today.
  • Clickjack attacks plaguing Facebook with 4chan-like porn, violence imagery
  • Facebook Blames “Coordinated Spam Attack” for Surge in Porn Imagery
    • Facebook clickjacking attack uses a link disguised as an innocuous news story
    • Once the bait is clicked, it uses the victim's news feed to spread offensive images to followers
    • images of Justin Beiber edited into sexual situations and photos of animal cruelty,** No group claiming responsibility
    • Facebook said today that a “coordinated spam attack” was to blame for the posting of pornographic and violent images on the news feeds of unsuspecting Facebook users.
    • “We’ve put in place backend measures to reduce the rate of these attacks and will continue to iterate on our defenses to find new ways to protect people,” a Facebook spokesman said.
  • Ballmer sees no value in splitting Microsoft up
  • Ballmer Didn’t Necessarily Say Full Windows Is Coming to Phones, But Might It?
  • Microsoft clarifies that Windows 8 isn't coming to phones (video)
    • Microsoft had its annual shareholders meeting this morning at a conference hall in the Meydenbauer Center, a few miles down the road from Microsoft's Redmond, Wash., campus,
    • At one point while talking about Windows 8 Ballmer mentioned Windows Phone. Some folks interpreted it to mean full Windows 8 would come to the phone form factor. Let's hear what he said.
    • A Microsoft rep confirmed to us that if transcribed correctly, Ballmer's remarks (on display in the video below) should read, "We've got broad Windows initiatives driving Windows down to the phone. With Windows 8, you'll..."
    • "There's nothing that I see in creating fundamental value in splitting the company up," Steve Ballmer said in response to a question about unlocking value by cleaving the company.
    • "The company doesn't invest in things that are idly independent," Ballmer said. "Drawing a set of arbitrary boundaries is quite hard."
    • And as the meeting was adjourned, some of the several hundred shareholders attending were still keen to ask questions. One yelled from the back of the that the company should continue the meeting. Microsoft didn't oblige.
    • “We’ve got broad Windows initiatives … driving Windows down to the phone … with Windows 8 … you’ll see incredible new form factors powered by Windows from tablets, small, large, pens, smaller, bigger, room-size displays. We are in an era in which the range of smart devices is continuing to expand. That’s a fantastic thing for Microsoft. That is a real opportunity.”

Discussion Stories

  • Google, Facebook, Zynga oppose new SOPA copyright bill
  • Congress begins hearings on SOPA tomorrow, Nov. 16. Groups calling for "American Censorship Day"
    • Congress hearing before the full House Judiciary committee tomorrow (11/15) at 10 a.m. ET (7 a.m. PT)
    • Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, eBay, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL, and LinkedIn, wrote a letter asking politicians to "consider more targeted ways to combat foreign 'rogue' Web sites."
    • Most in Congress support SOPA, including the leaders of both partie's relevant committees.
    • Members of Congress opposed to SOPA have circulated their own letter (PDF), which was signed by Zoe Lofgren and Anna Eshoo, of California, and Ron Paul, of Texas, among others. They say SOPA will invite "an explosion of innovation-killing lawsuits and litigation."
    • EFF calls it "disastrous"--because it would force changes to the Domain Name System and effectively create a blacklist of Internet domains suspected of intellectual property violations.
    • Google was the only oppositional voice invited to the hearing. No civil liberties groups were asked.
    • Several groups are calling for participation in American Censorship Day tomorrow.

News Fuse





"Bon jour/Hej på er,

I heard you mention last night (my time) that iTunes Match had finally launched. I just tried to subscribe to it, but when I try to do so with my primary iTunes account, which is Swedish, I get an error message that the iTunes store is temporarily unavailable and to try later.

When I try with my French account I get the message: ""Cet article est temporaire indisponsible. Veuillez réessayer plus tard.""

When I start the process with my American account, it seems to work, but since I would prefer to pay from either of the other two, I haven't tested the whole process yet. Perhaps the whole thing is indisposed and I'll have to try ""plus tard"" under any circumstances. But I'm wondering if you've heard anything from anywhere else outside the US about access to iTunes Match?

Take care,

George Wood"



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