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Tech News Today
Episode 375

Tech News Today 375: Motorboat Your Phone

Strongest lightest material ever, Ultrabooks will take over CES, Starz might market direct to Internet users, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Rain Falls On iCloud? Apple Could Lose Motorola Case To The Tune Of $2.7B
  • Apple Says There’s $2.7 Billion at Stake in German Motorola Mobility Suit
  • Samsung vs Apple trial dates set through March 2012 in Australia
    • Motorola's ongoing patent case in Europe concerning iCloud and MobileMe.
    • Preliminary injunction ruling against Apple earlier this month
    • Apple stated it would be liable for €2 billion
    • The purpose of such a bail is to ensure that an alleged infringer will be compensated if the enforced injunction is later overturned by an appellate court. - FOSS Patents
    • Judge rejected many of Apple’s defense arguments and attempts to narrow the scope of the patents in question.
    • Ruling is February 3, 2012
    • “I am not yet entirely sure that amount adequately mirrors the commercial value of this dispute,” he said. “The technology isn’t a standard and there are alternative ways to provide the same services.”
    • The judge overseeing the Australian case between Apple and Samsung agreed earlier this week to postpone the trial on Samsung's infringement allegations until March 2012. She's now released her scheduling order in the case, and there's a lot going on.
  • Starz making streaming app, might not require cable subscription
    • President Chris Albrecht announced yesterday that it would launch an application similar to HBO Go for various devices, likely including smartphones and tablets
    • Albrecht said he would potentially offer Starz to people who don't pay for other cable television channels. One option would be to offer Starz as an add-on to people who pay for high-speed Internet.
    • Starz is also supposedly in discussions for streaming deals with Netflix's competitors (ouch) such as Amazon and Blockbuster.
    • Starz Netflix agreement ends February 2012

Discussion Stories

  • Google+ traffic gets boost from Pages, wide rollout
  • Punctured Google+ leaks bored users
  • Google+ takes cue from Twitter with 'Trends'
    • Experian Hitwise affirms that Google+ traffic is up--so much so that last week (the week ending November 12) was the third best week of traffic in the U.S. since launching this summer.
    • Peak on September 20 when G+ went public. Peak again with the introduction of Pages.
    • Hitwise told the LA Times that US traffic to Google+ had fallen in 11 of the 21 weeks since the company launched the network in June this year. It has seen regular dips in interest from users by as much as 10 per cent to 20 per cent depending on the week.
    • Twitter-like 'Trends' added to G+ Now when Google+ users input a search, the results page's right sidebar displays the top 10 most-popular topics on the social network.

Potential uses include next-generation batteries and shock absorbers.

    • tiny hollow tubes made of nickel-phosphorous are angled to connect at nodes, forming repeating, asterisklike unit cells in three dimensions.
    • The research appears in the November 18 issue of Science. Funded by DARPA
    • Professor Julia Greer of UC Irvine, Caltech postdoctoral scholar Jane Lian, as well as Alan Jacobsen, Adam Sorensen, and Bill Carter from HRL Laboratories, and Anna Torrents and Lorenzo Valdevit from the University of California, Irvine.

News Fuse



  • heads up USA—net neutrality is finally hitting the Internet on November 20, 2011. it's been finalized and Sunday, it goes into effect.
  • Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and golden Wiimote coming to North America on Sunday. Europe gets theirs today
  • AT&T launching BB Curve 9360 & HTC Titan on Sunday 11/20



"Hey guys, on Thursday's show I heard a caller mentioning that the Kindle Fire is missing proxy support. As far as I know, this is actually a limitation of the Android platform in general. I bought the Samsung Captivate when it first came to AT&T, and was quickly frustrated to find out that I couldn't use wifi at work because we use a proxy server for all internet traffic. I did a quick Google search and saw that there's been an open bug report for the issue for years, and so far no word whatsoever as to if Google will ever build in proxy support.

I had an Android phone that couldn't use wifi, and since I was on AT&T I had TERRIBLE reception where I work, so basically I had a $200 brick for 40 hours of my week and quickly switched back to the iPhone, but that's another story...

Thanks TNT!"



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