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Tech News Today
Episode 377

Tech News Today 377: 75% Off Crapcakes

You are only 4.74 steps away from me, Software industry withdraws support for SOPA, Samsung and LG backing Google TV, and more.

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Top Stories

  • The Distance From You to Almost Anyone Is 4.74 Facebook Friends
    • Facebook and Università degli Studi di Milano.n joint study
    • Facebook users are on average 4.74 steps away from any other Facebook user
    • in 2008 the distance from any one Facebook user was, on average, 5.28 hops, it’s now 4.74.
    • People tend to friend people like themselves so within a country average separation around 3
    • in 2008 the distance from any one Facebook user was, on average, 5.28 hops, it’s now 4.74.

Discussion Stories

  • Samsung in last-stage Google TV talks, exec says
    • Yoon Boo Keun, president of Samsung's TV division, told Reuters Samsung is currently in "last-stage" talks with Google to launch a Google TV-based device and it will "differ from those of competitors"
    • Will be unveiled at an event not at CES
    • LG rumoured to have a CES announcement
    • Previous reports speculated Samsung had TVs in the work, but no clarity abotu it this time. Could be using Samsung chips.

News Fuse





"Tom, et al

Please don't use my real name, since I now work for ""the man"" but I need to share this rant - In reference to the continuing coverage of the hacked IL SCADA system - I have a little perspective on this story, having worked as a system, network, and firewall admin in public utilities and universites through the years. I have had to deal with these cooties time and time again. This continuing problem is merely a failure of common sense. Why do unprotected SCADA systems, unpatched 15 yr old PCs driving HVAC systems, and various ""wall wort"" implementations need internet routable addresses? Why do vending machines, etc need to be visible to the internet? NAT people, NAT. Wouldn't it be ridiculously simple to put these WFO operating systems behind a <$50 SOHO router?

Thanks for all those of you in the Twit-verse do for we wage slaves, Cable Ninja" "Hey TNT crew, I can tell you why a local utility district would want to have something like the pumps for the water system connected to the internet: Lower labor costs.

On a non-connected system if there's a problem with one of the pumps it can be difficult to pin down exactly which pump it is and what's wrong with it, so you have to send a service crew out to check all the possible pumps in the area where the problem might be. With internet connected pumps, you log into a web page, find out which pump it is, and head out.

Nor are things like infrastructure pumps the only things connected to the web. My brother works as a service tech for a fountain drink maker. All the machines they've built since the late 90s have been internet connected. This enables my brother to make sure that a service call is a real problem, and not simply a case of the clerk being too lazy to fill the machine. Its enabled his employer to cut his staff, while expanding the amount of territory he covers.

Brian Drake Gallatin, TN"

"Hey Tom, you can uncheck upload podcasts in #Googlemusic options -

just deleted 2k+ podcasts and turned it off this weekend -- Options > Advanced > ""Include Podcasts in Uploads"" <--- Uncheck

Then go to - Genre - search podcasts, highlight all then right click in bottom corner - delete. I had ~2,300 that had been uploading every day since GM Beta started. - Bill B."



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