Tech News Today 38

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Tech News Today
Episode 38

Tech News Today 38: Free Bumper? Forget That. How About A Free Phone?

Tom at ComiCon, a Samsung Galaxy S for your trouble, white iPhone pushed until fall, Microsoft licenses ARM, a $35 tablet computer, and more.



Lightning Round

  • Google Testing New YouTube Embed Codes With HTML5 or Flash
  • HP Slate will arrive "more customer specific for the enterprise in the fall"
  • Verizon growing faster than AT&T
  • Google Announced It Plans To Release New Versions of Chromium every 6 weeks.


  • Google Life In A Day: Saturday July 24th
  • Starcraft 2: Tuesday July 27th
  • SysAdmin Appreciation Day: July 30th


  • Voicemail from anonymous comparing Facebook to roads
  • Email from Tom about Facebook emphasizing being free
  • Email from Will about Jango the dog



Production Information

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