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Tech News Today
Episode 382

Tech News Today 382: It's Not On Fire

Remotely set a printer on fire, use Google Maps to escape from Ikea's labyrinthe, Facebook apologises profusely, and more.

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Top Stories

  • WSJ: Facebook considering IPO at $100 billion valuation for early 2012
  • Facebook IPO coming next spring?
    • WSJ notes a $10 billion IPO being considered by FB
    • Bloomberg: current record holder Infineon Technologies AG, which launched at $5.23 billion in 1999.
    • WSJ claim that Facebook has already started discussions with the Securities and Exchange Commissions, although Mark Zuckerberg has yet to make any final decisions,
    • The filing reportedly could occur as early as this year, with shares making their debut on the market between April and June 2012.
    • CNET notes: Facebook expects to start filing public financial reports no later than April 30, 2012.
  • HP printers can be remotely controlled and set on fire, researchers claim
    • Columbia University researchers Columbia PhD student Ang Cui and Professor Salvatore Stolfo discovered flaw in HP printers.
    • Steal personal info, attack networks - Could make the printer part of botnets. attack computers through USB connection
    • Reported to feds and HP this month
    • printers accept software updates without examining digital signatures, and check for updates each time they accept a print job
    • "In one demonstration of an attack based on the flaw, Stolfo and fellow researcher Ang Cui showed how a hijacked computer could be given instructions that would continuously heat up the printer’s fuser—which is designed to dry the ink once it’s applied to paper—eventually causing the paper to turn brown and smoke," A thermal sensor shut the printer down before it caught on fire.
    • HP Chief Technologist Keith Moore disputed claims saying since 2009 printers have required digitally signed and if the printer is behind a firewall it shouldn't have an issue. Researchers claim the vulnerable models are still in stores.

Discussion Stories

  • Google Maps 6.0 for Android adds indoor maps, new Places homescreen
    • Google Maps for Android 6.0
    • indoor maps of select airports, malls, and retail stores in the US and Japan.
    • Mall of America, Chicago's O'Hare and Midway airports, San Francisco International, and various Macy's, Bloomingdale's, IKEA, and Home Depot locations.
    • if you're a business owner you can upload floor plans to get your location added as well.
    • new top menu element that allows you to quickly jump between features -- new Places homescreen that gathers relevant info about various restaurants, shops, and other establishments around you

News Fuse





"I wish someone could tell me how it is that in Europe and many other parts of the world multiple carriers can use the same frequencies (850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100) and still exist and make money, while in the US the wireless telecoms feel they need to have separate bands from one another to compete.   I feel that the FCC should allow the ATT - T-Mobile acquisition, along with future spectrum auctions, under this condition:   All owners of the spectrum MUST be able to license out their frequencies to other carriers at a fair rate to other service providers. The other providers could piggyback on the owner's spectrum (like Virgin Mobile or SimpleMobile), or build out their own service, like MetroPCS.   Be neutral as to the type of data being used on the service (VOIP, Streaming Video, Gaming, etc) but allow the carrier to maintain their network under certain usage conditions.  

The carriers can still compete. Some will focus on the widespread network coverage, others will offer additional services, others will focus on low price and the accompanying lower quality of service. But anyone can switch to another provider without having to jump through hoops and throw away or slag off a 300-500 dollar phone if they want to move to a different service.   Is America the land of the free, or the land of the 'use what you want, when we let you use it'.   -- Steve Bank"

"Adopters may no longer use HDMI version numbers in the labeling, packaging, or promotion of any cable product. This is effective immediately for any references to the HDMI Specification Version 1.4, and Adopters have a one-year grace period for removing references to earlier versions of the HDMI specification when describing their cables."


"Hey TNT team, love the show, since day 1 (I'm a closet Tom Merritt fan, and have followed him since the early CNET days, he even read some of my emails back in the day)...anyway...I have some feedback for show 381 that can help you with two things!

You mentioned podcasting apps, and that Jason has to build a best of show. Well we have a podcasting app that lets you share a position in an episode with someone else. So people could scrub to their favourite bits, tap one button and send it straight to Jason! It's called 'Pocket Casts' and is available for both iOS and Android:

A lot of our users already listen to your show (we even featured it once) so just thought it might be a great way to help you build a best of, plus we'd love to spread the word, since we think it's better than the alternatives (iTunes, Instacast, Downcast, etc)


Russell Developer and Co-founder"



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