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Tech News Today
Episode 386

Tech News Today 386: Kindle Backdraft Coming Soon

The new Xbox dashboard, Facebook causes Gowalla to shut down, no need to worry about Carrier IQ, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Carrier IQ denies responsiblity for insecure log files, suggests manufacturers are to blame
  • Apple, Motorola, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile latest to be sued over Carrier IQ tracking
  • It's Bugs All the Way Down
  • European regulators set sites on Carrier IQ, rootkit scandal goes international
  • Carrier IQ interview: inside the brave new world of carrier phone tracking
    • Apple, Motorola, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile all now facing class action lawsuits filed in US District Court in Delaware Friday
    • Dan Rosenberg completed an analysis of a deployment of CarrierIQ on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch to find out exactly what CIQ records.
      • 1. CarrierIQ cannot record SMS text bodies, web page contents, or email content even if carriers and handset manufacturers wished to abuse it to do so. There is simply no metric that contains this information.
      • 2. CarrierIQ (on this particular phone) can record which dialer buttons are pressed, in order to determine the destination of a phone call. I’m not a lawyer, but I would expect cell carriers already have legal access to this information.
      • 3. CarrierIQ (on this particular phone) cannot record any other keystrokes besides those that occur using the dialer.
      • 4. CarrierIQ can report GPS location data in some situations.
      • 5. CarrierIQ can record the URLs that are being visited (including for HTTPS resources), but not the contents of those pages or other HTTP data.
    • The HTC phone used by Eckhardt stored log in plain text.Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Coward says that log was HTC's not CIQ's.
    • The British Information Commissioner's Office and the European Consumers' Organization have both started looking into the diagnostics software
    • I imagine you may not have an answer for this, but are users having to pay for those 200kb per day?
    • Actually, the answer, as far as I know, is no. We use the data connection, but what's happening — and I don't know if this is widely known — is that there are destinations within the operator's network that are non-billable. There's another angle on that too, and that's if you fly to London this weekend, and it's time to do an upload, we know that you're roaming, and we won't do the upload until you get back.

Discussion Stories

  • Fire Will Kindle Interest in iPad
  • Amazon Kindle Fire owners reporting Wi-Fi bug
    • J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, believes the Kindle Fire will end up being a catalyst for additional iPad sales.
    • Moskowitz met recently with Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer
    • "the Kindle Fire as a device that stands to bring incremental consumers to the tablet market, and here, these consumers could gravitate to more feature-rich experiences"
    • some Fire tablet owners are saying they can't connect to their Wi-Fi network - seems to be fixed by updating firmware.
  • Intel Ivy Bridge processors set for Q2 2012 release, specs leaked
    • Intel Ivy Bridge 22 nm CPUs set to ship in 2nd quarter 2012
    • Leaked specs show i5 and i7 IB focuses on improved graphics (supports DX11) and lower power consumption
    • The eight standard chips have a 19 percent lower TDP (Thermal Design Power) than their current Sandy Bridge equivalents

News Fuse



  • Tomorrow, Microsoft plans to hold an event detailing the Windows App Store



"For what it's worth, Amazon already has a competitor to Amazon Prime on the shipping end. It's For the same price as Amazon Prime, you get free two day shipping on ShopRunner-eligible items and free shipping on returns. They work with plenty of major sites, including New Egg, Toys 'R' Us,, Sports Authority, Radio Shack, and more. Others, like MacMall, Musician's Friend, Guitar Center, Holabird Sports, and more are coming soon. With ShopRunner already having some pretty big names locked up, would Google be better off buying them than starting fresh?

- David Bixenspan"

"Last week, it was mentioned about making a microwave that would read bar codes and heat your food accordingly. Evidently, we are closer to this than realized. As I was strolling through the store, I noticed a coffee maker that does just this. You scan the specially made coffee packets and it will brew according to that packet.

Tassimo is the maker if you are interested.,default,pg.html

Love the show, Signed, THE ONE AND ONLY...Anonymous"



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