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Tech News Today
Episode 388

Tech News Today 388: Your Phone Is Your Thing

Windows 8 App store unveiled, Eric Schmidt predicts Google TV domination by next summer, Facebok Timeline arrives, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Win 8 app store revealed: more money for devs, beta in late February
  • Microsoft confirms Windows 8 public beta coming February 2012
  • Microsoft seeks to woo developers with Windows 8 store
  • Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky: A Windows Store Is Just Natural
  • Previewing the Windows Store
    • MS detailed its Windows Store, its market for Metro-style Win8 apps
    • It will support both free and paid apps. Paid apps will range in price from $1.49 to $999
    • Trial versions of apps also available
    • MS will provide ads and in-app purchasing (these are optional features)
    • Devs will be able to use the ""App Certification Kit"" - a part of the SDK - to make sure their apps get through. If apps are rejected MS will give feedback.
    • App payment structure. MS takes 30% cut, dev takes 70%. When an app reaches $25,000 in revenue - aggregated across all sales in every market - dev keeps 80%.
    • Microsoft will bolster app development by having its First Apps contest. Winners get a Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC, One year of Azure, two-year subscription to the store.
    • In an AllThingsD interview, Steven Sinofsky said the mechanism by which businesses and developers can deliver Metro apps to customers will be when Windows 8 hits beta. Otherwise, you're using the Windows Store for Metro apps.
    • Microsoft also just confirmed that the public release of Windows 8 Beta will come in February of 2012.
    • Sinofsky also said the WinStore isn't coming to older versions of Windows and refused to say if ARM-based Windows 8 devices will be able to run desktop apps.
  • Schmidt Reckons Most TVs Will Have Google TV By Mid-2012
  • Eric Schmidt: Google Is Buying One Company A Week
  • Google’s Eric Schmidt: Google Is Not A Country
  • Google's Schmidt: Android leads the iPhone
  • Facebook Loses The Godfather Exclusive to Google’s Game Network
    • "By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded in it," Schmidt said on stage at the Le Web conference.
    • "Android is ahead of the iPhone now - by unit volume, with ICS features, prices are lower, with more vendors, more pricepoints - do I need to continue the list? It’s free.”
    • “One company comes to define a certain area - you’re better off trying to find something new that’s differentiated,” Schmidt said on that topic. “That’s what we’re trying to do with Google+, with many more products to come.”
    • “Six months from now, you’ll say the opposite. Ultimately, application vendors are driven by volume. The volume is favoured by the open approach Google is taking. Whether you like ICS or not, you will want to develop for that platform, perhaps even first.”
    • Google buying 1 company a week
    • “We’re not a country,”Schmidt said, bringing up the fact that Google did not have nuclear weapons, nor a police force and that it was subject to the laws of most actual countries"
    • Kabam has chosen to exclusively launch its newest big title, The Godfather: Five Families, on Google’s game network instead of on Facebook.

Discussion Stories

  • AT&T Says iPhone 4S Sales Strong, Sees Record Fourth-Quarter Smartphone Sales
  • AT&T on T-Mobile purchase: 'we will continue to pursue the sale'
  • AT&T vows to keep pursuing T-Mobile merger
    • ATT CFO John Stephens talking at a UBS investor conference said its iPHone 4S sales remained strong, said the company almost beat its record for quarterly smartphone sales in just the first 2 months of the quarter
    • Approx. 6 million smartphones sold, previous record was 6.1M
    • ATT says the big sales are bc people were waiting to upgrade to the 4S
    • Also at the UBS conference, CFO John Stephens reiterated the company's plan to purchase T-Mobile. He mentioned that ATT has $10 billion in cash set aside and $28 billion on standby so it close the deal.
    • "So we clearly have an ability to close the deal very quickly and have those resources," Stephens said. "That is the plan."
    • Stephens would not say how the company planned to address antitrust concerns

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"Tom, Mr. Akhtar and Assorted Posse,

The only way I can see Apple making a TV and making it work with a more rapid replacement model is to make the TV itself the set-top box. I don't know if its possible, but Apple could work with cable providers to build in their box to an Apple TV, consumers would have to pay a hefty premium on their cable bill (+$50/month?) and they would get something like a 42"" Apple TV when signing a two-year contract. Then every two years they can upgrade to the latest and greatest Apple TV. Do I think this will happen? Probably not, but it's the only way I can see to mitigate the longer consumer replacement rate on TVs, versus phones or computers.

Love 'da sho

Rich in Lovely Cleveland"



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