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Tech News Today
Episode 389

Tech News Today 389: Gorilla Glasses In The Oil Mist

Twitter redesigned again, OnLive hits iPad, DHS boofs site seizure, and more.

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  • Twitter gets major design overhaul for web, iOS, and Android
  • Your Ad Here: Twitter’s (Big) Brand-Friendly Makeover
  • Twitter Redesigns to Be Simpler and Faster
  • Apple iOS 5 Integration Boosted Twitter’s Monthly Signups By 25 Percent
  • Twitter's blog post on "Let's Fly"
  • Official Twitter vid
  • Twitter Unleashes Embeddable Tweets
  • Tweetdeck for web and new native XP and OS X apps launched
    • Home timeline (browser-style “home” icon). First navigational element. Simple, clean, universe of tweet is now contained within the tweet on multiple platforms. Web site, iPhone, Android, HTML5 mobile, Tweetdeck, etc. Retweets, favorites, etc. all right there. Additionally, click on tweet, copy embed code, stick in the story. Everything follows it in. Wasn’t just a change in the interface. Not just adding a couple features to Twitter. Product engineers, infrastructure engineers focused on making it as fast as possible. Reach everyone?
    • Connect (@ symbol). We wanted to create the easiest way to reach others. Enter username. Or retweet. Where you’re being mentioned. Any conversations that you have. Everything that you’re doing socially on Twitter is in here.
    • Discover (# symbol). The newest navigation element. When people see a hashtag on a billboard, can click on the symbol, enter the tag they say, and relevant conversations will surface. Come to Twitter and want to see what’s happening in your world. More than 250 million tweets per day, we’ll surface whatever seems relevant to your world. Discover experience is personalized, so the more you engage, the more personalized they’ll become.
    • Me (your profile) Appears to only be on Mobil
    • saw a boost in traffic (to its web site, this doesn’t include mobile or other clients) in October, with 3.7 billion page views in October, up from 3.3 billion in September.
    • New Brand pages as well - Several brands have partnered with Twitter for the launch including Coca-Cola, Disney, Nike and McDonald's.
    • large header image for displaying your logo, tagline, and any other visuals.
    • You can also control the message visitors see when they first come to your profile page
    • You can now embed twitter posts

Discussion Stories

  • DHS abruptly abandons copyright seizure of hip-hop blog
    • DHS seized Nov. 26 2010 as part of a seizure of 81 sites accused of copyright infringement.But DaJaz1 shared emails with NYTimes showing they had permission.
    • ICE then filed court documents under seal. Kept filing for extensions also under seal.
    • Today DHS abandoned the action and the site is back.
    • The Dajaz1 Web site, back in the hands of its rightful owner, is now sporting a temporary note saying it will return "shortly."
  • Oregon judge rules bloggers aren't journalists
  • Blogger not eligible for media shield law, hit with $2.5M judgment
    • Montana woman named Crystal Cox started several websites accusing Obsidian Finance Corp. and its principle Kevin Padrick of misconduct in their handling of a bankruptcy case. "," "," and ","
    • In January, Padrick filed a defamation lawsuit against Cox, charging that her accusations were false and asking for $10 million in damages. Last month, a jury found Cox guilty and awarded Padrick and his firm $2.5 million.
    • Oregon law requires victims of defamation by journalists to first request a retraction. It also protects journalists sources. Cox asked the judge to set aside the verdict as she was a journalist.
    • Judge Marco Hernandez disagreed. "Although defendant is a self-proclaimed 'investigative blogger' and defines herself as 'media,' the record fails to show that she is affiliated with any newspaper, magazine, periodical, book, pamphlet, news service, wire service, news or feature syndicate, broadcast station or network, or cable television system," the judge wrote. "Thus, she is not entitled to the protections of the [Oregon journalist shield] law."
    • Cox intends to appeal.

News Fuse



  • Tomorrow, December 9th is the status hearing on the Department of Justice's case against AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile.



"Hi guys,

If the Apple TV is rumored to cost twice as much as a current TV, what are the chances that Apple will use an advanced display technology (like AMOLED or another technology) that would justify the higher price?

I can see Apple producing hardware with an absolutely gorgeous screen that includes special features (like Siri, AirPlay, Apps, and the iTunes store), but still keep the current Apple TV set-top box to provide some of the same features for older TVs or cheaper sets.

Apple likes to control the high-end of any market it enters, so I think this rumor of an expensive line of TV sets is very probable if they include an advanced display technology along with Apple iOS features.

Keep up the great work.

Bob Cuyahoga Falls, OH"

"Hey TNT crew!

Just my own thoughts on the Verizon/NFC mess. I joined Verizon 2 years ago with a Palm Pre Plus (yes, pity me). Loved the phone, actually, but found that none of the GPS apps would work (Google Maps, Foursquare, etc). After much consternation, I found that the fix was to start the Verizon Navigator app (a paid app for $9.95 / month), but then close it without accepting the Terms & Conditions to pay the monthly fee. The GPS would work for a while before it would shut down again. Many months of finger pointing between Verizon & Palm, with Verizon claiming it was a phone issue (even though other Palm Pre carriers never had this problem) and Palm blaming Verizon Navigator. Looks like another case of Verizon crippling a feature that competes with its own.

2 year later, waiting for my contract to end so I can buy the Galaxy Nexus, and now I'm afraid I'll just be climbing into a new crap-ware wagon. Maybe I'll just go with a Droid RAZR.


Mike the Tech Manager, S.E. Wisconsin"



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