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Tech News Today
Episode 390

Tech News Today 390: WeBeOS?

WebOS where the OS stands for open source, DoJ tired of AT&T mind games, Twitter post releases murderer, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Justice Dept. Asks Judge to Delay AT&T/T-Mobile Trial
  • DoJ: Take AT&T/T-Mobile trial off the fast track
    • The Department of Justice has told a Federal judge that the government plans to ask the court for a motion to stay or even withdraw in the trial
    • WSJ that a DoJ attorney is arguing that a fast track for the case is no longer necessary; after all, AT&T and T-Mobile withdrew their merger application from the Federal Communications Commission several weeks ago.
    • Joseph Wayland of the Justice Department calls a stay or withdrawal of the proceeding appropriate until the companies bring their merger request back to the FCC
    • Judge Ellen S. Huvelle of the US District Court Judge WSJ quotes her as saying "the landscape has changed, it has clearly changed." "You could change the deal in a month and everybody's time will be wasted."
    • Judge Huvelle gave the Justice Department until Tuesday to file its motion, and will render a decision on December 15.
    • "We're not playing some strategic game," one of the telco's attorneys argued before the judge.

Discussion Stories

  • Motorola wins Apple wireless patent fight in Germany
  • Motorola wins injunction against Apple, could spell trouble for EU sales
  • Apple: Motorola Patent Win Won’t Keep iPhones From German Holiday Shoppers
  • Motorola wins German patent case against Apple, can ban sales of iPhone, iPad (update: holiday sales unaffected)
    • Mannheim regional court has ruled in Motorola Mobility's favour in a patents dispute with Apple. Motorola accuses Apple of failing to license a patent.
    • Apple responded: "We're going to appeal the court's ruling right away. Holiday shoppers in Germany should have no problem finding the iPad or iPhone they want."
    • "method for performing a countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a packet radio system". Essential for 2G and 3G service
    • Apple had offered to pay a Frand-set fee going forward and was willing to pay a similar rate for past infringements. But it lost the case because it tried to retain the right to contest the validity of the patent with a view to past damages. (Motorola wants to charge Apple above the FRAND rate for the past 4 years)
    • "In Germany you get a first ruling by a regional court rather quickly - this litigation started in April this year. Usually between companies of this stature the disputes go to the higher regional court and that could take a couple of years," Mr Mueller told the BBC.
    • Mr Mueller advises Microsoft and others and has campaigned for patent reform in Europe.
    • Motorola can post a €100m ($133m) bond and enforce an injunction against sales of Apple's products in Germany. --- Current inventory of iPhone sand iPads would not be affected by a potential ban
  • Tweets cause US death row conviction to be overturned
    • A juror's tweets have caused the murder conviction of a death row inmate to be overturned by a court in the US.
    • Arkansas Supreme Court judges said it was inappropriate for a juror to have posted
    • The judges have asked a panel to consider whether jurors' access to mobile phones should be limited during trials.
    • Erickson Dimas-Martinez was convicted of murder in 2010 for shooting and robbing a teenager, Derrick Jefferson, after a party in Arkansas four years earlier.
    • Mr Dimas-Martinez's lawyers appealed against the conviction after Randy Franco tweeted: "Choices to be made. Hearts to be broken... We each define the great line." ALSO Other tweets sent included: "The coffee here sucks" and "Court. Day 5. here we go again"."Because of the very nature of Twitter as an... online social media site, Juror 2's tweets about the trial were very much public discussions," wrote Associate Justice Donald Corbin.
    • "Even if such discussions were one-sided, it is in no way appropriate for a juror to state musings, thoughts or other information about a case in such a public fashion."

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