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Tech News Today
Episode 393

Tech News Today 393: Conservation Of Galaxies

Nokia returns to the US with the Lumia 710, Louis C.K. self marketed video makes $$$, and an internet speed record is broken.

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  • Microsoft replaces veteran Xbox design boss
    • Chris Ziegler at The Verge reports that Andy Lees's new role is a demotion. "He's been benched"
    • Could seek a new role after Windows 8 comes out
    • Doesn't mean they don't want to integrate across platforms
    • Unrealistic marketshare predictions, tense relationships with OEMs, (anecdote blames Lees for Motorola becoming Android only)
    • Danske Bank said the mobile-phone maker may sell its smartphone business to Microsoft Corp.
    • CNET reporting Dan Coyner is no longer leading the design and experience group for Xbox. Replaced by Emma Williams, general manager of Xbox Experiences
    • Danske Bank predicts that Nokia will sell its smartphone unit to Microsoft in a deal announced as early as the first half of 2012.

Discussion Stories

  • Wake up, media moguls: Louis C.K. no-DRM video makes $200K
  • Louis C. K. makes $200K in 3 Days
    • "Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater" on sale for 4 days. profit of about $200,000 so far, he said in a statement yesterday.
    • Szekely's costs for the operation have included $170,000 to produce the video, $32,000 to build the Web site, PayPal charges, and a week of his own time to edit the video. But over the first four days of sales, the 110,000 copies sold have brought in revenue of more than $500,000.
  • Scientists break world record for data transfer speeds
    • Data was moved back and forth at a combined rate of 186Gbps (gigabits per second) breaking their previous record of 119Gbps set in 2009. (Fastest one way was 98 Gbps)
    • Data was sent between the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, and the Washington State Convention Centre in Seattle.
    • an over a 100Gbps circuit, set up by CANARIE, Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network.
    • two million Gbps per day, the equivalent of 100,000 full Blu-ray discs, extras and all.
  • Tech CEO report card: Approval ratings drop for Ballmer, Bezos and others
  • Facebook, Google, Apple And Rackspace Rated Best Places To Work in 2012
    • issued new ratings for Tech Industry Report Card
    • The approval ratings of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (49 percent to 35 percent) ; founder Jeff Bezos (dropped from 85 percent to 81 percent) and T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm (from 70 percent to 57 percent), each declined during 2011
    • Only CEOs of Yahoo and Xerox ranked below Ballmer; Reed Hastings from 79 percent to 61 percent; AOL Tim Armstrong (71 percent to 55 percent.)
    • Conversely, HP's Meg Whitman has a 76% approval rating compared to Leo Apotheker's 62%, so it's gone up!
    • top five Best Places to Work in Technology, according to employees, are: Facebook, MITRE Google, Apple and Rackspace.

News Fuse


  • NASA is developing a cannon harpoon to collect comet samples
    • Where landing a spacecraft would be impractical, NASA would be able to fire a harpoon system that can be fired into a rtock multiple times
    • Testing already happening at Goddard Space Flight Center, the test unit looks like a giant metal crossbow which will be replaced with a cannon
    • Fired into a 55-gallon drum containing an approximation of a comet.





"Dear iYaz and the bearded one,

As a Jayhawk fan and resident of the great state of Kansas, home of Smallville, I was appalled and enraged to hear KU referred to as the University of Kentucky! The University of Kansas, that school of red and blue Jayhawk, is the college referenced by Nicole as being smart enough to buy up the .xxx domains as seen in the video of your fine program! For Shame, Sirs! I blame Chad, because he was there.

Also, the rumor at the call center I worked at for T-Mobile in wichita, KS back in 2008 was that DT was trying to get rid of the American T-Mobile because of the massive losses in profit and churn of subscribers. My impression was that they regretted the purchase of Voicestream in 2001 about as fast as Daimler regretted merging with Chrysler and for the same reason. The AT&T merger was the first time anyone had bitten. In 2002 the rumor was T-mobile was buying Sprint, but five years later, the big rumor was the other way around. AT&T stepping up took everyone of my friends who still work there by surprise.

Best Wishes, Chatroom's kskryptonian"



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