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Tech News Today
Episode 396

Tech News Today 396: Naughty Naughty HTC Phones

AT&T and T-Mobile call it off, Apple TV getting vocal, Eric Schmidt says more crazy tablet stuff, and more.

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  • Touchless smartphones and TVs could be on sale in 2012
  • Apple experimenting with iPhone peripherals for "wearable computing"
  • Apple and Google reportedly testing wearable computing devices
    • XTR3D developing software that uses existing 2D cameras for 3D motion control "And it can be installed into any consumer electronics device," adds spokesperson Mr Roy Ramati.
    • NYTimes: wrist display connects wirelessly to a user's iPhone,like a curved glass display device that fits on the wrist and is controlled via Siri.
    • Apple hired wearable computing expert Richard DeVaul in March 2010 to serve as the company's "senior prototype scientist." DeVaul hired away by Google in June to work on similar wearable computing ideas in its "X Labs" skunkworks.
    • Google's reportedly hiring designers from Apple and Nokia who specialize in miniaturization, and its recent purchase of Motorola could certainly bolster these efforts.
    • BBC article notes: Apple has also filed patents that involve allowing users to touchlessly "throw" content from one device to another, for example from a tablet onto your TV screen.

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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic, will launch tomorrow Dec. 20 in North America



"Hey TNT,

You guys have been talking a lot lately about possibly banning cell phone use while driving and it was mentioned how this would affect people that spend a lot of time driving such as truck drivers.

I'm 26 and have been a truck driver for four years now with a major over the road company and I'm here to tell you this has already happened. In January 2011 the DOT banned all texting while driving in a commercial motor vehicle. Sometime at the end of November it was announced that all phone use is banned in a cmv. I am unsure if this includes hands free or not. I read in one place that it does another said it doesn't and another said you can but only if the phone is within reach while still sitting back.

As a truck driver I can tell you that so far no one is following it and its hard to enforce because police can't normally see what we are doing. Now some may say this is good but truck drivers are some of the best drivers out there. Most truck accidents are either not our fault or the driver has less then a year of experience. As comparison most people average 13k miles a year we average 100k. Also please be nice to truckers our job sucks enough already.

Love the show

James from Detroit"

"Good day TNT,

I'll preface my comment with saying that I agree that the Universal Music Group "takedown" of TNT on YouTube was an unjustified action and casualty of the constant battle of copyright protection.

However, it's ironic that TNT says someone was interfering with the distribution of the show's content and intellectual property. Isn't that the same argument Universal could make? Aren't pirates interfering with the distribution control that the RIAA and MPAA want to have over how their content gets to the public? We could stop having a discussion about "good actors" and"bad actors"" in this debate and try to come up with a solution for copyright protection that protects content right-holders and the distribution of media but doesn't interfere with legitimate end-user access.

-- Duane Fitzgerald Andrews New York City"



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