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Tech News Today
Episode 398

Tech News Today 398: Microsoft Leaves CES

Microsoft pulls out of CES, Chinese hackers hit chamber of commerce, Irish regulators not smiling over Facebook, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Microsoft Pulling Out of CES After This Year
  • Microsoft says this CES is its 'last major appearance' at the show
    • Microsoft announced 2012's CES is the last CES where it will have a major presence
    • No more booth or keynotes, MS reps still there to take meetings
    • Announcement made via The Official Microsoft Blog by Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications, Microsoft
    • Cites MS product "news milestones generally don't align with the show's January timing."
    • Said MS looks "forward to working with CEA for many years to come,"
    • CEA isn't crying saying they wish MS well and says "we have received expressions of interest for that space from the long waiting list for Central Hall exhibit space."
  • China Hackers Hit U.S. Chamber
  • Chinese hackers target U.S. Chamber of Commerce, report says
    • WSJ reports a group of hackers in China breached the computer defenses of America’s top business-lobbying group and gained access to everything stored on its systems, including information about its three million members,
    • WSJ cites "several people familiar with the matter."
    • break-in at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    • Chamber officials say internal investigators found evidence that hackers had focused on four Chamber employees who worked on Asia policy, and that six weeks of their email had been stolen.
  • Yahoo to Consider Sale of Asian Assets
  • Yahoo is only worth $1 billion?
  • Yahoo Intensifies Search for CEO (With Hulu’s Kilar as One Dream Unicorn Candidate)
    • DealBook reports that Yahoo is considering selling its Asian assets like Alibaba Group to their majority owners.
    • Yahoo would move approximately $17 billion in assets by selling stock at $14 per share.
    • However, Yahoo would still own 15% of Alibaba. DealBook's sources say that if Yahoos board rejects the offer, Alibaba, Softbank with private equity partners are ready to bid for the entirety of Yahoo.
    • Dan Primack at Fortune did some quick math and if the $17 billion figure is accurate, the remaining Yahoo would be worth just $1 billion based on its $18 billion market cap.
    • ATD's Kara Swisher says that Yahoo's board is targeting several candidates for its new CEO including Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, who is considered a long shot.

Discussion Stories

  • Irish Regulators Order Facebook to Boost Privacy Protections
  • Ireland Gives Facebook’s International Privacy and Data Protection a Passing Grade
  • Facebook Not Creating 'Shadow Profiles,' Irish Privacy Audit Finds
    • In order to satisfy Ireland's recent privacy audit by the Office of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), Facebook will: create additional notifications explaining facial recognition photo tagging, reduce data logging and data retention for non-logged in users, more specifically warn users when their info is shared with 3rd party apps. this will happen in time for a follow-up Irish Data Protection Commission audit in July 2012
    • Facebook’s international headquarters are in Dublin, and oversee Facebook’s compliance in all regions other than the U.S. and Canada. "This audit was the most comprehensive and detailed ever undertaken by our office," says deputy Irish data commissioner Gary Davis
    • back in October 4-year-old Austrian law student, Max Schrems, asked Facebook to turn over the data it had stored about his Facebook activity and was shocked enough to file 22 separate complaints with the DPC, notably the idea

that Facebook is creating ""shadow profiles"" with data imported from phones, email contacts, IMs, friend invites, etc. however, the DPC investigation concluded that Facebook isn't doing this.

    • Facebook's agreement with the FTC was a bigger deal... 20 consecutive years of audits and a long apology from Mark Zuckerberg.

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Brian Smith"


I'm a chemist and love building computers, PC gaming and technology. I watch the show as much as I can during my lunch breaks on my iPod Touch and enjoy the discussion and guests. As much as I love all things tech, I still can’t submit to purchasing a smart phone. The yearly cost for such devices is mind-blowing. I could purchase and throw away a new PC gaming system every year for the same cost of a new iPhone and associated charges. With this in mind, I’ve noticed a trend of the technology show turning into the phone show. Sometimes it seems like nearly half of the show is devoted to phone company X in who bought who, which new android is coming out, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I think this information fits the show. It’s just that there has to be other tech news out there. I mean, would it hurt to have ONE phone free day per week? Perhaps ""Phone-Free Fridays"" at TNT. Lately it feels more like Phone News Today (PNT).

On a side note, I love the new commercials of using the sponsor’s products. Both the printer and Ford work is great. Thanks for your time, keep up the great work.

Shawn R. Wyatt Greenville, NC"

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