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Tech News Today
Episode 400

Tech News Today 400: Whistling Pirates

Go Daddy reverses course on SOPA, Louis CK makes and gives a bunch, Online shopping brings its own stress, and more.

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I was just listening to your last podcast in which you discussed Xylogic's report on the top apps on the Adnroid market vs iOS's. Th prevailing theme of the discussion was that the games were not on Android yet. I did some ""crude journalism"" and went to look at the actual reports out of curiosity. And, I would like to bring up a counter point. A good portion of Android's top apps were from companies that provide system changing functions, like launchers, LED flashlights, and widgets. This type of app is just not possible on the iOS because of their AppStore restrictions. So maybe it is not that iOS users have more games, but that Android users have more options. Just food for thought.

I love the show.

Roger Coelho"

"Hi there,

Tom talked about Playbook OS2 coming out with email and PIM support. Wasn't it just last month that they showed off native email(on the playbook). I have attached a few pictures showing this. Please correct this mistake as it may misinform many listeners.

Thank you, love the show.

Agaba Nkuuhe."



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