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Tech News Today
Episode 401

Tech News Today 401: 2011 Predictions Results

We check in on our predictions from one year ago and see how 2011 played out.

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Tom's Predictions

  • Congress will be forced to act on Net Neutrality over backbone fights - no
  • Apple TV built into a television with a partner (and as set top box) - no
  • By then end of 2011 Chrome OS will "eat" the rest of the netbook market. - no
  • Competition for Internet TV will narrow to 3 or 4 platforms and one will have the lead - no
  • Internet TV will outshine 3D - yes
  • App stores galore - yes
  • More paywalls on newspaper sites, but paywalls will be a wash. Ad dollars make up for lost $. NY Times will have a huge win by doing the paywall right. - yes
  • Ad money will move on to the Web - yes
  • Book publishers will start suing fans and try lock down books - no
  • All major live sports available through pay services by end of the year - no
  • Laptop sales will slow and computer market will be a continuum of forms - some people will only have tablets and phones - yes
  • Big breakthrough in battery tech - no
  • NFC is a buzzword, but not really used - yes
  • Browsers take on more OS functions - yes
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Sarah's Predictions

  • People will hate Comcast more next year - Yes
  • People will be forced to have a better understanding of Net Neutrality - No
  • iPad will have camera - Yes
  • Will not see a white iPhone - No
  • Google Chrome OS netbook's will be thinner then they are now. - Yes
  • Massive death of tech startups (too many of them) bubble popping for many - start to see bubble collapse by end of 2011 - No
  • Twitter will not be acquired - Yes
  • There's gonna be good software/ Sarah excited about Mac App Store - N/A
  • Windows tablets will be more popular than Windows Phones (same interface) - No
  • We start to learn nothing lasts forever in the cloud, companies will have to have thought this through - No
  • Skype HD on the Skype-o-saurus? - No
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Jason's Predictions

Dr. Kiki's Predictions

  • Kiki will not have an iPhone: "The answer to the prediction is that I do not have an iPhone. Prediction correct! In fact, I upgraded my Droid to the Droid3 this summer. I'm looking forward to another Droid as soon as my Verizon plan allows another purchase discount. :)"
  • Google will start to create a television production studio - yes
  • VC Firms will be hurt when bubble deflates in 2011 - no
  • Twitter will not be bought - yes
  • Netflix will be the leading streaming provider (major strides in licensing for TV programs) - yes
  • Facebook phone or a tightly integrated Facebook device - yes
  • Backup services for cloud data - no
  • More from WikiLeaks - yes
  • Congress will seriously consider Do Not Track List - yes

Becky's predictions



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