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Tech News Today
Episode 408

Tech News Today 408: Roku's Streaming Stick

Yahoo names new CEO, Microsoft prepping Windows Phone marketing blitz, Roku tries to worm inside of TVs, and more.

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  • Roku to Launch Cordless Streaming Stick for TVs
  • Mobile High Definition Link
    • Roku Streaming Stick, a flash-drive-sized dongle that plugs into HDMI port on TVs
    • HDMI ports that are enabled for Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL).
    • CEO Anthony Wood said it would likely cost between $50 and $100, and will ship in the second half of 2012.
    • sold individually, as well as alongside Insignia brand TVs from Best Buy.
  • Apple television gamble the talk of CES
    • Scott Martin at USA Today has a writeup about what to expect from TVs at CES -- And it has a lot to say about Apple ----an iTV is at least a year away, according to analyst Paul Gagnon at DisplaySearch,
    • an Apple entry into TV in 2013 could bag it $19 billion in sales.
    • looking at a 42-inch or larger LCD TV with built-in Wi-Fi. Inside the locked-down studio of Jonathan Ive, senior vice president of industrial design at Apple, there's a slick 50-inch TV
    • At CES, Samsung may show voice and motion technology to interact with its TVs, similar to Microsoft's Kinect.
    • Re: Google TV "They're among the best-selling TVs we have. Media has done a real good job of beating it up," says Brian Siegel, Sony TV vice president.

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I did an additional research on this issue. This is what's really happening.

According to this doc (linked from the Forbes article to the Belarus government website) and local news starting Jan 6th, 2011 in Belarus will be introduced two policies:

1. All internet providers should block access to some 35 websites providing pornographic or violent content. It's 35 specific (mostly porn) websites, not the whole Internet.

2. Companies that doing business in Belarus should registered their websites in Belarus.

Let's take a look at their Amazon example. You cannot buy any physical goods from even in Canada! You have to use local that provides very limited amount of goods for bigger prices. Also being in Canada you cannot use,, How is it different from Belarus?

Thank you, Andrey Tochilin

  • Turns out these emails are not incorrect in that we oversimplified the story, but it is not as innocuous as they make it sound. All businesses must have a .by address. All ISPs must register with the government and record all devices connected to the Internet. All shared Internet resources, including WiFi in cafes and sharing an Internet connection in a home must report any websites visited that were not within .by.
  • Belarus makes it a crime to visit foreign websites

"Hello TNT Crew, Concerning the new EPUB format to be introduced: I teach physics and physical science. At the beginning of every semester the copy center is inundated with course pack submissions and requests. A course pack is supplemental material for the course that includes text and images with a relatively low cost (~$5). If this new EPUB format allows for the creation of interactive materials the course packs could undergo a fundamental shift. No longer will links be included to videos and demonstrations of fundamental concepts, the videos can be imbedded in the book. Lab demos can be included to show students what to expect in the lab and how to analyze their data. This would be wonderful.

The key factor would be that an ordinary person is allowed to create the interactive document and ""publish"" it to a site where the students could download it to their electronic device without having to go to Amazon, Apple or any big vendor. The school would be the host. Pricing then is a function of the school (low).

-- Roderick Pearson"

"Hey TNT crew, I wanted to comment on why Netflix may be pushing all eight episodes of Lilyhammer at once rather then weekly. It may be that they want to set up a scenario that gets them the best analytical data about the show itself. This way they can see how many people watch all eight episodes consecutively.

A steep drop off from episode one to two or to three could be a great indication of what we thought of the show. This also would reduce the possibility that the drop off of viewership was due to the fact that people forgot about the new episodes week to week, I know I do with the inconsistency of all the other streaming sites.

Just my thoughts, great show!

Travis, Vancouver WA."



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