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Tech News Today
Episode 412

Tech News Today 412: CES: This Time We Won't Fail

From CES 2012: Microsoft's hidden announcements, MySpace tries to be relevant, CES gadget bonanza, and more.

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Top Stories

Discussion Stories

  • Google Ties Social Service Closer To Search
  • Google Embeds Social Directly Into Search (But by Social, It Means Google+)
  • Google’s Plans to Promote Google+ in Search Get a Poor Reception
  • Twitter Complains About Google Giving Preference to Google+ Content
    • Google Fellow Amit Singhal Google today announced “Search plus Your World.” will start highlighting private social network content in search results by default for logged-in users.
    • Google search users will also be able to quickly locate Google+ profiles of people they’re interested in on the search service, as well as specific areas of interest
    • only content that the searcher has permission to view based on per-item privacy settings. And it’s only Google+ posts and Google+ and Picasa photos for now.
    • relevant and influential Google+ people and pages will now be highlighted at the top of the right side of the search results page, in a space is normally reserved for ad units.
    • Google’s search box will now autocomplete Google+ usernames for people who are in the searcher’s network of friends and pages, as well as other prominent users.
    • Live for English version today rolling out slowly to other languages afterwards --- Lots of people upset at the fact that it is promoting G+ over other services."
    • In a statement, Twitter complained that “people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users” would suffer from not being able to quickly see tweets in search results.
    • “As we’ve seen time and time again, news breaks first on Twitter; as a result, Twitter accounts and Tweets are often the most relevant results,” the company said.-----Google Fellow Ben Gomes replied, “The key thing here is we only have access to content on Google. We’re open to other types of content, but in order to provide secure and consistent access, we can only provide what’s in Google, where we know the privacy settings and have the relevant graph and signals.”

CES News Fuse

News Fuse




"So everyone is talking about that unique little laptop (concept) called the Nikiski. I think they deserve much praise for thinking outside the box... however we should praise them to quickly.

This desktop from Sony is really similar to the laptop. It was introduced during the Apple all-in-one craze but was also Sonys attempt to enter the Media PC/TV market thanks to video inputs. The computer had a fixed keyboard that would hinge up onto the screen. You could only see a few inches of what wasn't covered on the LCD and Sony used this space to show beautiful artwork, the clock, and other nifty things like what show the built in DVR was recording, the weather, and calendar events.

It's primary market was small home office space, the kitchen, dorm rooms, and so on.

Just wanted to share this with you. :-D Have SOME fun at CES.

Cheers, Nathan in Vermont"

"Hi TNT crew,

Yesterday you mentioned that Intel was bringing NFC to Ultrabooks and that it will be really awkward to try and swipe your laptop across a terminal to try and pay for something. While I'm sure someone will give you the capacity to attempt this manuvure, i think most manufacturers will focus on the goals Intel and MasterCard announced back in November which was to have your Ultrabook become a contactless payment terminal, giving you the ability to make online payments by simply touching your paypass credit card or NFC mobile to your computer. No longer would you have to enter your credit card number, expiry date and the security pin When you buy online, just tap and go like you would in a brick and mortar shop.

Anyway, love the show and I'm looking forward to the rest of your CES coverage,

Brandon from Australia."



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