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Tech News Today
Episode 418

Tech News Today 418: The Facts About SOPA And PIPA

What SOPA and PIPA really mean, whether they solve any problems, why Jerry Yang really left Yahoo, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • SOPA, Internet regulation, and the economics of piracy
  • Tim O’Reilly: Why I’m fighting SOPA
  • Least restrictive means? One way that SOPA could die in court
    • in Elrod v. Burns (1973): "If the State has open to it a less drastic way of satisfying its legitimate interests, it may not choose a legislative scheme that broadly stifles the exercise of fundamental personal liberties."
    • Julian Sanchez: "suppose the CEO of Wal-Mart came to Congress demanding a $50 million program to deploy FBI agents to frisk suspicious-looking teens in towns near Wal-Marts. A lawmaker might, without for one instant doubting that shoplifiting is a bad thing, question whether this is really the optimal use of federal law enforcement resources."
    • Matthew Lasar from Ars suggests SOPA would die in court from same thing that killed COPA. --- May also be considered prior restraint. speakers are entitled to tell their own side of the story to the judge before their content is taken down
    • a recent survey study by Felix Oberholzer-Gee of the Harvard Business School concluded that ""data on the supply of new works are consistent with the argument that file sharing did not discourage authors and publishers"" from producing more works, at least in the US market.
    • Does it kill jobs? If pirates bought more digital copies it would not have the linear effect that pirates buying more CDs would have.
    • O'Reilly's 5 points in GigaOm interview

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"Hi TNT crew, Marlon "theGuyFromTrinidad" here, happy blackout day. I just wanted to give you a quick feedback on how the blackout is being perceived outside of the US. In a word ""annoyed"", at least at my workplace. In our lunch room today I was asked to explain by some staff members what the hell is this SOPA thing and why is it preventing them from getting the info they want from wikipedia (note that even though the link to learn more information is there they said they couldn't be bothered to click it). After giving them a brief explanation and telling them how it could affect them in the future if the bill is passed (thanks TNT for the info over the past few weeks so that I could actually give an explanation) they were just interested to know when would wikipedia be back up and running, after I told them tomorrow they were happy and resolved to visit it then when this "foolishness" was over. Granted, Trinidad and Tobago is not the direct target for these protest but neither was general staff interested or cared about SOPA. As a side note also they only mention I saw on SOPA on my social networks were from my tech friends from the US and two in Kuwait. Thought you would like to know. Love the Show.

Marlon "TheGuyFromTrinidad"

"We need to show the other harm that this legislation could do to civil rights. In my first letter to my Senators and Representative I cited what happened to TNT under the DMCA, when someone did not like your coverage of an issue. The responses I got back from their offices, proved to me that this argument made an impact. We need them to see how corporations and government have abused the DMCA take down notice system to silence opposition.

Is it possible to document these abuses, so we can use them the information in our letters to our Senators and Representatives. I seem to remember you all reporting on media companies that trolled for even mentions of their properties and sent out abusive take downs.

- Kimberly"



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