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Tech News Today
Episode 421

Tech News Today 421: RIM Loses A Pair (Of CEOs)

RIM's new CEO acts like clone of old ones, Google + allows pseudonyms, Megaupload bust has chilling implications, and more.

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Top Stories

  • During its earnings call, Larry Page announced that Google+ is up to 90 million users. However, that number may be a little inflated
  • Handle This: Google+ Finally Allows Pseudonyms
  • Toward a more inclusive naming policy for Google+
    • Folks are going after Google +'s '90 million' number saying it's inflated by including anyone who signed upf or Gmail and was automatically signed up for Google +
    • Google's new sign up page makes people create a Gmail, Google profile account and join Google+. Last week, the altered sign up page made news, but ArsTechnica talked to Google's PR team and found out that this "new" sign up page actually rolled out in November.
    • Google + starting Monday will allow pseudonyms but requests must provide evidence, like a URL or a scanned driver’s license. Google+ also won't accept new pseudonyms. VP of Product Bradley Horowitz says the option is intended for “people who have earned credit in other social systems and want to redeem that credit in Google+ … We will swing the doors open and welcome them to our system.” Google says they'll destroy all documentation you send them once you're verified. Google says this applies to less than 1% of signups.
    • For nicknames, there’s a new field under your Profile/About page. Enter the nickname and it appears either in the middle of your actual name (Lance “Lancealot” Ulanoff) or at the end in parenthesis.
  • Digital Music Sales Grow Worldwide, But Big Music Still Frets About Pirates
    • IFPI: global digital music sales grew 8 percent last year
    • 1st time growth rate increased since tracking began in 2004
    • Subscription services rose from 8 million to 13 million
    • Digital Music sales account for 32 percent of sales, up from 29 percent last year.
    • IFPI argues that French iTunes sales have increased more than 20 percent because of Hadopi

Discussion Stories

  • MegaUpload lawyer: U.S. misunderstands the business
  • Megaupload founder seeks bail in New Zealand court
  • Explainer: How can the US seize a "Hong Kong site" like Megaupload?
  • Megaupload dismisses Universal from takedown suit, continues case against others?
    • Kim Dotcom and 3 others appeared in court to plead for bail.
    • His attorney told the court that MegaUpload has nothing to do with the uploading of pirated films or video and that the U.S. government completely misunderstands the company's business.
    • Anne Toohey, arguing on behalf of the United States, told the court that DotCom was a significant flight risk and was in possession of illegal firearms when he was arrested, and alleged that he would be able to start up MegaUpload again if released.
    • Paul Davison told the court that DotCom can't go anywhere because authorities have seized all his assets. He said that DotCom's wife is pregnant with twins and asserted it would be impossible for DotCom to operate MegaUpload again. He also said his client would be willing to submit to electronic surveillance.
    • The judge said his decision would apply to all four men. He will keep them jailed until he makes his decision.
    • Megaupload has dropped Universal Music Group from the unlawful takedown lawsuit filed last month without prejudice. Leaving open going after UMG again and continuing to pursue 'John Does' for file removal, and acting for preservation fo records by Google.
  • Supreme Court holds warrantless GPS tracking unconstitutional
  • Warrants Needed for GPS Monitoring, Supreme Court Rules
  • Why Supreme Court's GPS ruling will improve your privacy right
    • Supreme Court determined that the customary law enforcement practice of installing GPS trackers without judicial approval violates Americans' Fourth Amendment rights to be free from warrantless searches.
    • May affect decisions pending over tracking cell phones and other mobile devices
    • All 9 justices agreed with the decision though they reached the conclusion through different reasoning
    • Four justices focused on the physical trespass that occurred when the police attached the device, four focused on the violation of the suspect's "reasonable expectation of privacy," and the final justice, Sonia Sotomayor, endorsed both theories.
    • Scalia ruled narrowly "The government physically occupied private property for the purpose of obtaining information," Scalia wrote. "We have no doubt that such a physical intrusion would have been considered a 'search' within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment when it was adopted."
    • In a concurrence Justice Alito argued that extended warrantless tracking itself violates the Fourth Amendment regardless of whether the government committed a trespass to accomplish it." Justice Sotomayor [in a concurrence]: More fundamentally, it may be necessary to reconsider the premise that an individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed to third parties. This approach is ill suited to the digital age, in which people reveal a great deal of information about themselves to third parties in the course of carrying out mundane tasks.

News Fuse





"So - I have been thinking.... What would it take for Apple to take steps to allow people to get credits for the classes that they take on iTunes U? IF that could happen, then you could potentially see a worldwide shift in education, and a democratization of the concept...

Which - Is exactly what Apple does really well, right? Anyway, I am really enjoying rolling this concept around in my head, and I am very curious to hear your perspective on the matter.

Love the show - It makes me sound smart when I choose to engage in conversation with humans!

-John "Cannibal" Patsfield

(P.S. - That site right there - All Squarespace, all the time. Registered on Hover. And 99% of the content was created / posted on either my iPhone (3gs) or my iPad (gen 1) - Just sayin'....)"



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